Incense hibi 10 minutes of aroma every day

Incense hibi 10 minutes of aroma every day

What is the relationship between a match and a stick of incense?

Hibi has succeeded in bringing these two elements together.

The Hibi stick burns in ten minutes, and invades your environment with an ambiance perfume that will be enough to bring you relaxation, freshness, meditation according to your choice in the range of their proposed perfumes.

collection d'encens japonais hibi

After lighting your Hibi and the flame goes out, put the small incense stick on its black carpet at the bottom of its box, there begins the magic...

Simplicity, authenticity, hibi has a collection of fragrances that invites inner reflection.

In the morning, I open my eyes, wander around half awake, slowly I light a small stick of hibi incense and drink my tea gently, the hot water of my drink and the slow evaporation of smoke that flies from my incense creates a veil in front of me and puts my senses on alert.

encens japonais hibi

My breath catches the scent of the small incense stick burning, my eyelids open like a butterfly taking flight, the warmth of a sip of tea comforts me like a gentle stream dripping down the cliff on a summer day.

I come out of my dreams with a first olfactory pleasure, gently stretching.

Later in the day I will remember it, close my eyes and feel the scent in my memory. Such an awakening will give me the skills for the rest of the day, without stress, the scent of my incense stick hihi, relaxing will make me welcome the constraints of my day with appeasement.

ambiance hibi

The multitudes of plants used for the incense sticks hibi adapt to your needs throughout the day until the evening. Each break, each moment has its magic.

A beautiful experience, a moment to be appreciated by several people as an aperitif to be shared, imagine the privileged and fairy-like moments in front of a burning hibi incense stick.

What better time, what better place, to burn a hibi perfume stick?

allumette encens japonais hibi

Its small size allows you to use it everywhere, without needing a lighter or matches.

In its pretty case, to appreciate a moment of scent hibi is a ritual of well-being.

A gift to offer yourself without restraint, enjoy the moment instantly and offer it to your loved ones.

Discover and appreciate the natural scents of these Japanese incenses, together.

collections de parfums d'encens hibi
Lavender, or citrus scent, spicy, sensual and exotic, floral, oriental, yusu or cedar forest scent, wood moss, hibi incenses in boxes or cases come in scents in accordance with a moment, an access to thought, a break.

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