Get your must-have accessories for Glamping

Get your must-have accessories for Glamping

Aaaah, sweet Glamping. The new way to enjoy camping during your travels with a pre-made accommodation waiting for you, ready experience the joys of the nature with the comfort of your home. What most people are looking for is authenticity, not an easy task when you have the Glamping’s comfort, but we have your back: here’s our list of the must-have Glamping Accessories to carry on and make your experience unique.  

An Opinel Knife in your pocket

Glamping includes being far from your home, and all the accessories you use on daily basis are probably still there. If you have to pick one thing, it has to be light, easy to carry, and useful in any situations: here it comes, the Opinel Knife.

Opinel knife made in france every carry

This brand, and no other one, for plenty for three reasons:

-It comes with various sizes, you can simply pick the one that fits you best, like a tiny one for a better control or long one for efficiency.

-You can choose among various kinds of handles, following the comfort you are looking for: oak wood, walnut, olive, fiberglass, … All made to resist.

-The Opinel’s world-known sustainability, with a hand-made in France since 1890, they don’t have to prove the quality of their crafts: a stainless steel made to endure every element.

If you’d like to pick one, make sure to get your sharpening stone, your Glamping session will end very soon if your knife isn’t correctly sharpened! You can get both of them directly with The Outsiders Journey right here.

The Glamping Fire Starter

Let’s stay around the Opinel brand for your must-have Glamping accessories: you need to have your own Fire Starter if anything happens. You know, you will probably be in the middle of nowhere, no data to call, no gas to run a fire place, no electricity to charge electronic devices,… you will need a properly set a fire place to make it even more authentic.

fire starter opinel knife

The Fire Starter is the most useful accessory to have around in camping sessions. In fact, that’s the number one item to make any outdoor activity more authentic than it already is. On a top of that, it will save you hours and hours of struggle if you run out of gas to make a fireplace at night and keep the animals away or stay warm in the winter.

You got it: a perfect no brainer for novices and experienced travelers looking for a new Glamping experience: get your fire starter now, as a new part of your Glamping accessories.

A Thermos from Stanley 

You are probably willing to do some trekking in the mountains and forests, and you already know how hard it can be to maintain the liquids hot when you are far from your fireplace. The best solution is to prepare your beverages in the morning, and keep it in your stainless steel and leakproof Stainley’s Thermos.

Mug stanley everyday carry

Why would be recommend this brand ? Well, it was built for a lifetime warranty, ready to endure every session of camping and glamping you are expecting to have this year. On a top of that, you can keep your beverages up to 20 hours hot, or 24 hours cold: more than enough if you are planning to stop at night, get a fireplace and make some more for the day after!

Ahead of time with Timex

You will always need a watch to complete your must-have on the Glamping accessories list. A Timex watch will keep you aware of the time for anything, but mostly, will resist to the dangers around with a light-weight comfort around your wrist.

timex expedition made in usa

Designed in the USA back in 1854, it has today one of the most precise clock movement by the Japanese watch industry. A military look followed by all the characteristics you are looking for in a glamping watch: light, affordable, thin and a good water resistance (up to 30 meters).

You can shop yours now with The Outsiders Journey, we will top that with a one-year warranty.

Keep your Glamping souvenirs in a Travel Journal

Of course, glamping is a wonderful experience, and we wish you will keep thousands and thousands of souvenirs. The best way to keep it, will always be on a travel book: the videos care be erased, the photos can be lost, but the ink on a book will travel the generations are it has been for any kind of art, like painting and writing.

traveler's notebook made in japan midori

Our pick for this, is the TRAVELER'S notebook by the TRAVELER'S company. If you don’t already know it, let us introduce it: it is a Japanese brand, providing various accessories that you can pick and interchange as much as you want in your leather case. It won’t be complete without the tools to write in it, they also have developed their own pens, following the needs of our fellow travelers.

Brass products made in japan

Among all the Glamping accessories you must have, this is probably the most important: it is timeless, and will store the souvenirs for you in the most beautiful way.

You can now have a look on the numerous accessories you can get such as various kinds of papers, colors, card files, stickers pockets,… and make your own with us. Don’t forget one thing: once you have completed most of the pages, send us a photo of it, we will repost it on our social medias ! 

Share your experience

Well, for the last must-have accessory to have for glamping and camping sessions, it will be a bit less of a material: it is all about sharing your wonderful experience with the community and your family. The Outsiders Journey crew will be more than happy if you tell us the best souvenirs you got from your Glamping travels, we share the same passion after all.

To resume the must-have glamping accessories, you need for your future trek, here’s a little list, with all the shoppable items down under. Before leaving you here, we’d like to thank you for reading, make sure to share it around if you have enjoyed it ! 

Thank you so much for reading, if you are interesting about glamping, you are in love to nature, our friends from T-Lab Pole Pole released an online shop about their 100% eco-friendly wooden figurines and animals. Check it out!

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