TRAVELER'S notebook

TRAVELER’S notebook


Why the TRAVELER'S notebook is the best companion for your journey?

Many travelers use their TRAVELER'S notebook everyday, they explain us why : 

You always taking many pictures with your phone of your travels, you post the best on Instagram but are you looking your pictures again when you come back ?

Do you remember all your travel ? the address of this colorful market with all those exotic fruits, the smell of this special plate that you ordered many times and this local designer shop when you found beautiful handmade products. 

The TRAVELER'S notebook it's the memory of your travels, write down your thoughts, collect all the shops and restaurant cards, keep your change, write day after day where you are and what you visit. If you are inspired, you can drawn a detail or a landscape of something unusual. 

The TRAVELER's notebook is for the free minds, people who like to travel, explore and discover, because this planet is big and there is so many things to see. 

TRAVELER'S notebook outdoor

The notebook itself is solid, it will last, it's a premium leather from Chiang Mai, Thailand. It's brut, it will scratch, it will evolve and change with the time and become even more beautiful than when you bought it. 

Traveler's notebook leather brown

There is two sizes, the "classic" and the "passport" and 4 colors : Black, Brown, Camel & Blue. When you buy your first TRAVELER'S notebook, it comes with protective cotton pouch and your first refill, the 003 / Blanc Paper.

TRAVELER'S notebook different colors

Traveler's notebook composition

There is plenty of accessories available to make your TRAVELER'S notebook unique. If you like to draw you can choose to draw on the light paper, the kraft one, the dots one, the thick one or even the watercolor paper. If you want to use it for business you can use the diary, the cards holder, the zipper pocket to keep all the importants reminders with you.

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@Cover picture by Comme un Camion