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Welcome to our selection of what we consider as the best gear for any kind of journey you may have in mind. This is not theory: we test all the gear we are selling, and each product is rigorously selected considering durability, design, and even the manufacturing process (whether it is ecofriendly or not).

Whatever type of adventure you are planning to go on, there are some basic tools you will need. For instance, would you feel comfortable going out without a watch? We are talking about travels, here, not a quick run to the mall. You cannot always count on such a high-tech tool as your smartphone to tell you what time it is. First you need a simple, comfortable wristwatch. Then you need it to be durable, and reliable. So, you need a Timex watch. As simple as that.

We said it in the “Explorers’ favorite gears” section, but we will say it as many times as needed… Rule number one? Never go out without a knife. Now, do you necessarily need a huge army knife with no particular design nor story behind whatsoever? No, there are adventures where you do not end up fighting or carving into wild animals. Sometimes – most of the times – you just need an elegant, well-designed, quality tool that has a whole lot of stories to tell while you are using it: the Fuji Knife.

Plus, as an adventurer, as a traveller, as a nature-lover, as an Outsider, you will probably want to write down your thoughts and feelings, to keep track of your meaningful experiences and remember them many years from now. A companion that will evolve with you, like you, improving through time. That is what the customized Traveler’s Notebooks are made for: to make you want to go on even more adventures.

But do not forget your Brass pencil to do so! It would be sad to spoil such a great writing comfort with a poorly designed pen or pencil, don’t you think? Sure, keeping your precious memories in a notebook is paramount. But the way you do it, the pleasure you feel while writing it down is important too. The touch of a high-quality Brass pen so elegant and durable that you do not even think about replacing it, the kind that will follow you into all your journeys. That’s what you need.

And all of these cherished items should be stocked and transported in a versatile, strong, reliable, and of course nicely designed container. Maybe a toolbox? The Toyo Steel toolboxes (especially from the Cobako collection) are perfect for this. Easily stacked, secured and tough, they will keep your precious tools safe. The perfect storage solution for your Stanley vacuum bottle containing your lifesaving hot coffee.

Plus, you can throw in some other just-in-case items, such as the originally designed Brass paperclips to complete your notebook or Daiyo candles to relax and meditate after a day full of emotions.