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    Meditation. Quality time with your family. Relaxing in the bathtub after a day of hard work. Chilling with a glass of delicious Japanese whisky or just a cup of tea, in the afternoon. Sinking slowly in a deep restorative sleep in the warmth of your bed.

    Are you trying to hypnotize me somehow?

    No, no worries, just describing a few of the endless situations you can enjoy the gentle flickering light of a candle. Have you ever paid attention to the depth and the peace you feel when you let your mind and worries go, and just contemplate a flame?

    Of course, if you are in front of a campfire, or say, a fireplace, you will also feel the physical warmth of it. But there is a reason why churches, temples, or any spiritual places use candles to light the place: it brings, somehow, mysteriously, a deep feeling of peace in your heart. Your troubles go away, and your mind gets free.

    Combined with other senses, such as smell, taste or touch, a tiny flame can transport you to a comfortable and peaceful state of mind. For example, imagine yourself soaking in a hot bath. Maybe a glass of wine, to relieve you from all the stress accumulated during the day. What is missing? The ambiance, the light, the warmth, not just for your body, but for your soul too.

    Imagine you are dining, with your family, some friends, or even with your romantic partner. It is getting late, and the conversation is interesting, funny, and yet deep. You do not want to be disturbed by a strong neon light, but neither to feel sleepy because of a too steady and a bit gloomy light. No, you want the light to be alive and beautiful, just like the moment you are sharing. You want it to add something to your evening. Light a candle.

    Maybe you are into yoga, or meditation? Then you know the importance of setting up good vibes around you, to help your mind take all the space it needs. For this to happen, you need the space to be lit by a delicate flame, both within and outside your body and soul.

    You get the idea. Candles. Natural ones. Top-quality ones. Because these moments deserve the best.

    Why Daiyo? Wouldn’t any candle do?

    If you just need a source of light during a brief power cut, yes, any candle will do. But we are talking about quality time, about the moments in your life you want to remember of, the kind of moments you would want to write down in a notebook to make sure you will remember forever. Or important moments that take a big part in your lifestyle and need you to be perfectly focused and relaxed.

    Daiyo was founded in 1914, in Shiga prefecture, and all the candles are handmade from 100% sustainable and natural plant wax (no additives), using ancestral methods passed on through four generations of craftsmen. Besides being environmentally friendly, the smoke emitted by the candle does simply not smell. At all. Which makes it perfectly compatible with incense, for example, and most suited for dinners and other moments when you indulge yourself with fragrant or tasty treats.

    The “Rice Wax Candles” burn for a rather short time, which makes it optimal to keep you company by your bedside. No worries: the design is well thought out with Japanese ingenuity, so the melted wax does not overflow the candle. Perfect for a peaceful mindset before falling asleep. They are also most suited for meditative activities such as yoga since the burning time is precisely calibrated.