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    We have selected the best gear to meet all the needs of explorers and adventurers.

    Number one rule of outdoor activities: never leave without your knife. But who wants to bring four or five different knives, each for one purpose? We thought so. Therefore, we brought to you the Opinel knife, a French icon of sturdiness, elegance of traditional craft, and versatility, that was designed more than a century and regularly rewarded ever since though it almost never changed. It has even been elected as one of the top 100 best designs in the world and is often passed on through generations in families.

    Now, if you need additional tools to fix the rest of your gear, maybe a simple knife will not be enough (as perfect as it can be, it will never replace a screwdriver or a plier). Hence the Leatherman multifunction tool. Its design is tough and handy, and it provides you all the support you need for basically any scenario. It is a multitasking assistant that fits in your pocket and could easily outlive its owner. Absolutely, that’s how durable he it is.

    All of this is great, and each item easily fits in your pockets or in a small bag… Though do you have enough room for all of them? Don’t you want to keep all these treasures safe? This is what Toyo Steel toolboxes are made for. The best material, the best traditional craft techniques, and the best ergonomic design, fused into one sturdy and versatile box, to carry and stock all your precious items. Finally, you are good to go.

    One of the major stepstones of modern civilization is… the clock. Knowing what time it is, anytime and anywhere, has become a basic need for humans, even while roughing it in the wilderness. But in this case, you will need your watch to be tough, resilient, and of course, reliable (otherwise what is the point?). We selected Timex, the pioneer of wristwatches, that created the latter to meet the needs of extremely tough times (WWI), and has done nothing but improving ever since, to keep its status as a leader.

    Great, you have all the basics to start your next adventure. But why wouldn’t you take some extra comfort with you? Nature is not only danger and wilderness, it is also infinite beauty to appreciate with all your senses. Maybe you could take Hibi incense with you. Yes, incense. The kind that you strike like a matchstick to indulge yourself in the easiest way, with the delicate fragrances while relaxing.

    So, nature might be gorgeous… But sometimes, you do not have the possibility to enjoy the view. Maybe it is raining, or maybe you are in an urbex adventure. Maybe you are just stuck at home and longing for simple sceneries to rest your mind. Maybe you just need an artistic reminder of your principles to meditate and do some self-reflection. Then you should take a Slow Pharmacy bottled plant with you, to admire it, wherever you are.

    All this contemplation might have given you great ideas to write down, amazing thoughts and poetic inspirations, memories to keep. It is time to take out your Traveler’s Notebook, appreciate its handmade leather cover that has so much evolved since the last time, and enjoy the incomparable pleasure of writing on its top-class Japanese paper.

    Writing? With what? With your Brass pen, of course, since it is the most durable and reliable one you have. Plus, it has also slightly changed its color and become smoother since your last adventure. Take a second and a deep breath to remember all the memories you wrote down with it, and go for it, it is time for a new feeling to take place in your personalized notebook. Appreciate the quality of this made in Japan product.