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    Kakimori Collection 

    Kakimori is a Tokyo-based stationery brand that celebrates the joy of writing. Founded in one of Tokyo's Shitamachi districts, east of the Sumida River, Kakimori continues to be nourished by a neighborhood known for its enduring craftsmanship. The area blends the old and the new, with small workshops and factories lining the streets. This rich environment has shaped Kakimori since its inception, influencing the brand's ethos and its product range.

    Kakimori creates various stationery items, from order-made notebooks to personalized inks and timeless tools. Their products are crafted from natural tactile materials and feature organic shapes, embodying the brand's mission to create stationery that enriches people's thoughts and emotions. The brand offers a range of products, including inks, nib holders, nibs, and pen rests, all designed to make writing pleasurable. In every aspect, Kakimori underscores the joy of writing and the value of personal expression through the written word.​

    In a world increasingly dominated by technology, there's an undying charm that keeps the world of traditional stationery alive and thriving. One brand that stands tall in this sector is the one and only - Kakimori. Whether it be their splendid pen holders, unparalleled paper products, high-quality fountain pens, exquisite nibs, or vibrant range of inks, Kakimori is a brand that continually pushes the envelope in the stationery world. 


    A Journey through the Kakimori Legacy

    Before we delve into the specifics of their products, let's take a moment to appreciate Kakimori's heritage. Born in Japan, the brand is a shining beacon in stationery, carrying forward a legacy rich in tradition and meticulous craftsmanship. From the sturdy build of their pen holders to the delicate touch of their nibs, every Kakimori item is an experience in itself.

    "Kakimori products are more than mere stationery items; they embody the Japanese spirit of 'monozukuri' - a deep-seated dedication to the art of making things."

    Why Choose Kakimori?

    • Superior Craftsmanship: Each Kakimori product results from precise craftsmanship that ensures top-notch quality and durability.
    • Variety of Options: From pen holders to paper products, fountain pens to nibs, and a wide array of ink colors, Kakimori offers a comprehensive range of stationery to suit all your needs.
    • Heritage Brand: As a Japanese brand, Kakimori carries a rich traditional artistry and design legacy. 
    • Unique Aesthetic: The design and appearance of Kakimori products stand out from the crowd, making them valuable tools and stylish accessories. 
    • Ideal for Gifting: Given the high quality and beautiful design, Kakimori products make excellent gifts for loved ones who appreciate the art of writing.
    • Experience the Magic of 'Monozukuri': Owning a Kakimori product means you're becoming a part of the Japanese spirit of 'monozukuri' - a deep-seated dedication to the art of making things.

    Embrace the Charm of Handwriting 

    There's something inherently romantic about putting pen to paper, a magic that's all too familiar to lovers of handwritten letters and notes. Kakimori's pen holders are the perfect accomplice for those who appreciate this lost art. Crafted with finesse, their pen holders serve their practical function and add an aesthetic flair to your stationery collection. 

    kakimori Pen Holder

    Kakimori Paper Products

    The world of stationery is complete with the mention of paper. For Kakimori, paper is not merely a canvas for the written word but an entity that carries as much weight as the words themselves. The Kakimori paper products are a testament to this belief. From fine-textured notepads to delicate envelopes, each piece is crafted with an emphasis on quality and aesthetics.

    kakimori notebook

    Kakimori Fountain Pens

    In the world of pens, fountain pens hold a revered status. There's an undeniable class associated with these writing instruments, an aura that Kakimori fountain pens magnify. Each pen is a marvel, promising an unparalleled writing experience and a promise of longevity. Owning a Kakimori fountain pen is akin to possessing a piece of art that adds elegance to every word you write.

    Kakimori Fountain pen

    The Subtle Power of Kakimori Nibs

    In the context of fountain pens, the nib is the unsung hero. The tiny component plays a vital role in shaping your writing experience. Kakimori pays due respect to this essential element with their assortment of nibs. Available in varying widths and tip styles, Kakimori nibs offer something for every writer, whether you prefer bold strokes or delicate lines.

    kakimori nib

    A Splash of Colors with Kakimori Inks

    The final aspect that completes the Kakimori experience is their array of inks. Available in a spectrum of colors, Kakimori inks provide an avenue for self-expression. Whether penning a heartfelt letter or jotting down your thoughts in a diary, Kakimori ink perfectly complements your sentiments.

    kakimori Nib

    The Outsiders' Journey is proud to bring you the best of Kakimori. As a multi-brand store celebrating variety, Kakimori stands out for its commitment to quality and traditional Japanese craftsmanship. In embracing Kakimori, you're not just opting for a brand. You're becoming part of a movement that cherishes the beauty of handwriting and the essence of 'monozukuri.'

    Written with a Kakimori Fountain Pen on Kakimori Paper because even words deserve the best. The story of Kakimori is not only about stationery but about the magic of creation. Come and join us on this journey. Explore our Kakimori collections today, and embark on your Outsiders' Journey!