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    Would you rely on your set of binoculars to follow you into all your adventures, for the rest of your life?

    Quality and reliability: Vanguard

    Vanguard is a global company that manufactures optic tools such as binoculars (one of their main products), and basically anything you would need to complete your equipment, like backpacks, tripods, among other things.

    One of their main goals is to “disrupt mediocrity”, and most of their research and development funds are invested into always providing new, better products that photographers, outdoor sports, or birding fans can rely on, but at an affordable price. They are so sure their products will not fail you, that they even provide Premium Lifetime Warranty.

    So, there is a reason, why Vanguard won multiple international awards in optic design and tech several times. All their products are elegantly designed in content and in form, durable, and adaptable. They managed to deliver performances that usually only professional gear could offer, and made to be accessible to anyone.

    Vanguard products are sharp, both in appearance and in content. For instance, their flagship product, the binoculars, are all stylish, lightweight, affordable yet above all competition regarding the performance. From the top-quality lenses used inside (using glass that offers unparalleled color fidelity) to the premium materials used for the body that gives both lightness and toughness, they do not hesitate to invest in regular improvements to stay at the top.

    Plus, the Vanguard products are designed to be your best companion for all your outdoor activities: even the tripods are durable and lightweight, and the backpacks are conceived to protect all your equipment against shocks, dust, water… Anything. It is great to invest in the perfect tools, but if you do not protect it, even Vanguard may not last forever. Therefore, they thought out the bags to be affordable too, lightweight too, and versatile too, so you can take your stuff anywhere.

    Who are these binoculars made for?

    Almost everyone and that is the beauty of Vanguard. Their products are simple and ergonomic enough to be handled by anyone even beginners (in birding, for example), but will also surprisingly satisfy the pro with a comfortable viewing experience.

    As a simple gadget for the travellers who want to appreciate the view, or maybe observe some wild animals. As an essential tool for birding amateurs. For urbex lovers who need a handy companion to check their path, for sports fans, for nature-lovers, or even for people who want a stylish and reliable binocular for the theater or the opera, for trekking enthusiasts… You get the idea: if you need an optic gear, and if you need it to provide top-quality viewing experience, yet you do not want to invest a fortune in it, Vanguard is the best choice out there.

    The resolution, the magnification, the color fidelity, the elegance of the design, the quality of the materials, the smoothness of its use… Every bit of Vanguard binocular helps you to enjoy the moment up-close, to share the view with someone, and not to worry about anything except having even more fun.

    Finally, though it could easily fit in your pocket, if you worry about somehow damaging your new favourite companion during some extreme adventures, a Vanguard backpack will give you the serenity and the comfort you are seeking.