TOYO STEEL: Japanese know-how in a Toolbox

TOYO STEEL: Japanese know-how in a Toolbox

Today, we're going to focus and review one of our favorite products when it comes to exceptional design, atypical style and extraordinary quality. As you know at The Outsiders Journey, we love products that follow us throughout our lives, and TOYO STEEL is the undisputed specialist. 

Whether you are a Sunday do-it-yourselfer or an adventurer who pitches his tent every night in a different place or a creative person, working with dozens of different tools. This object is made for you, and has everything to seduce you. Let's see what's under the hood of this exceptional toolbox.

Japanese Manufacturing


toyosteel factory in osaka japan

“Made in Japan” is a such a simple phrase, yet it instantly evokes an image of exceptional design and high-quality production. Japan today is known for creating some of the most stylish, innovative and whimsical products in the world. Let's see how it works.

1. What it means to be 'Made in Japan'?


Toyosteel boxes are made in Japan since 1960


Every product that comes out of Japanese factories, especially when it comes to the steel industry. Between cars (Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Subaru..), car bodies, integrated circuits, electrical machinery are the most powerful and solid that our planet knows. The main reason for this difference between Japanese products and others is mainly in the minds of the workers. 

Indeed, their mentality and pride in representing their country is extremely important to every Japanese worker. Their know-how is a precious heritage and in every product they touch must carry this history and knowledge.



good design awards 2009


Designed and made in Japan since 1969, Toyo Steel has mastered the Toolbox. In partnership with this Japanese company for many years, these steel toolboxes have proved that they are way more than just a metallic box. It is also the most useful storage solutions in the world. Moreover, this company care about all details, to attest it, the 2009 award of Good Design-Long Life Design.

Toyo Steel Co.Ltd, born in 1969 in Osaka, is the specialist of the "Tool Box" tool box, renowned for its many qualities: light, portable, extremely resistant because it is made of a single seamless piece. All details are well thought out and the finishes are impeccable: rounded edges to avoid injury, retractable handle, padlocking buckle, embossed top/bottom for stacking.

TOYO STEEL: Much more than a toolbox


Toyosteel storage toolbox made in japan


The "Tool Box" tool box can be used in any room of the house to store drawing materials, sewing threads, telephones, glasses, kitchen utensils... and of course tools.

Toyo create tool boxes designed to store all your assorted knick-knacks, from tools to art supplies. Crafted from one single thin, solid steel plate using a drawing press technique, the result is durable, lightweight and classic.

1. Best Friend of the do-it-yourselfers, a collector's item for others


Toolbox mechanics box


A toolbox can have many purpose. Toyo's toolbox are made in Osaka, Japan, and take pride in designing robust, efficient and versatile products that squeeze the maximum work space for maximum usability. It can be used for the Sunday mecanics, gardening, construction, portable emergency wrench set and even to hold your spices in the kitchen if you like the steam punk look.

It can also become a collector item since bringing it out usually means the start of a project whether it's for fun or because sometimes life gives you lemons. Memories are made around these by making you accomplish great things.

Sons and daughters learn how to become independent and how the world around them work. Customize your toolbox to make it yours. Attach memories to this object that is like a good friend, not always there but always there when you need it most.

2. A good job with the right tools


Toyosteel toolbox for everyday carry


Everybody likes something that works right, that is dependable, that you know is gonna get things done. Toyo tool boxes are designed by blue collar workers for the blue collar workers. You are dependent on your tools to make your magic happen and Toyo's has you covered with their durable, proven in the real world compact tool boxes.

It has the ability to pack a great numbers of tool while having small cabinets to bring in your nuts, bolts, shrinkwrap, electrical connectors, washers and other miscellaneous objects to your worksite. Look professional and crafty and take things into your own hand while Toyo makes sure your gear is protected during transport and always at hand whenever it is needed.

The right tools in the right hands makes it easy. You can even prepare your toolbox for the dreadful, ''it's not the right size bolt'' moment.

3. The "Legacy" Toolbox


toyosteel toolbox st-350 black


Toolboxes are usually nothing impressive and that's why we like them. They do their job day in, day out. There are like a loyal dog, always there, always ready to serve and always ready to help. They can withstand generations of DIY'ers and are usually gifted to the next generation when it's time for them to move out to their first apartment.

It can be tossed, dented and squeak. Yet, wearing the passage of time and war scars, they rise to the occasion of serving you, your loved ones, your colleagues and whoever needs it again and again and again. Toyo's toolboxes are made with this in mind and we are sad yet proud to know you will only need one of our toolbox for the rest of your life.

If you have read this article so far, you too are a fan of these indestructible toolboxes. We offer a wide choice of Japanese brand, if you have any question about them, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer you.

Also, we want to be as close as possible to the people of The Outsiders Journey community, so we would like to know your opinion about these toolboxes, if you have one, if you want to buy one and how you use it or will use it. Leave us a message in the comment section and join us on our social networks where we are always very active.

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