Esterbrook nib connector
Esterbrook nib connector
Esterbrook nib connector
Esterbrook nib connector
Esterbrook nib connector

Esterbrook nib connector

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Here is a step by step of how to use the Esterbrook MV-Adaptor.

  • When you buy an Esterbrook Estie it comes with a #6 JoWo nib in EF, F, M or B. We have engineered a 2nd grip section that will fir the Estie and a vintage Esterbrook nib.
  • You first need to remove the barrel of the pen from the grip section as you will putting on the MV-Adaptor in its place.
  • When using the new MV-Adaptor grip section you will want to use the 2nd convertor provided for a secure seal.
  • Put the MV-Adaptor section on the barrel as this will give you a better grip when putting the vintage Esterbrook nib unit into the MV Adaptor.
  • To insert the vintage nib you will hold the top and bottom of the base of the nib as show.
  • Then line up the base of the nib unit to the MV Adaptor section and screw it in turning clockwise.
  • Be sure you are lining up the threads so you donʼt cross over them. The vintage units are all very old so understand some will be much tighter and take a bit of force turning to get in. This is where applying a tiny amount of silicone will help. The threads on the MV Adaptor are much stronger than the vintage Esterbrook nib unit so it will hold true to form while you turn in the unit.
  • Once the vintage unit is seated fully as show in the pic you can not unscrew the section with the nib unit seated and fill it like any other converter filling fountain pen.


Please note: The MV adaptor is only compatible with the Estie and Oversized Estie models. It is not compatible with the JR or Camden models.

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