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No more old, rusty and depressing toolboxes

No more old, rusty and depressing toolboxes

The toyo steel toolboxes are cheerful and colorful, no more excuses for not storing your tools...

Only tools? Not quite, they are so stylish that you can put: "a little bit of everything".

To each his own box:

boite en acier toyo steel st350

Of great capacity, you will be able to put all your tools in it, and in a box of different colors, some other devices of which the drilling machine, for example, then in the black or khaki: the electric material, pliers and screwdrivers, the hammers in the red or blue box, but attention this model "the box toyo steel st350" comprises two stages, one will thus put nails and dowels in it also to have all under the hand!

Smart tool box, but not only...

Why not also store your scrapbooking supplies, or the utensils of the latest "all in one" kitchen appliance, in a toyo steel box, with elegance.

rangement pour chambre d'enfant toyo steel

In the children's rooms, we will put the stuffed animals or legos in the colored boxes matching the children's rooms, and why not the baby accessories in the white box beside the changing table.

Each one has its own style, their choice of color allows you to put them everywhere, matching your interior.

The toyo boxes are practical with their handle to take them on vacation and store them in the trunk of the car.

Boite en acier toyo steel en voiture

In the trunk of the car, precisely! A toyo box also to store windshield washer fluid, gloves, emergency triangle, ... everything at hand.

In fact, their usefulness is infinite, we divert them from their primary purpose, so these metal boxes find their place everywhere as they are decorative in addition to being useful.

fabrication japonaise en usine

They are made in Japan from a single piece of high quality steel, with a clean style and an exemplary finish. Even the corners are rounded to avoid injury.

The handles are perfectly integrated into the lid to keep the design clean.

No need to hide toolboxes anymore. Toyo Steel manufactures solid, practical and colorful design boxes. Several sizes allow to store everything according to our needs.

Think of giving them as gifts, or personalizing them with a nice container. It is useful and will make its owner happy every time!

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