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Patio - Coffee dripper (ceramic) - Coffee AccessoriesPatio - Coffee dripper (ceramic) - Coffee Accessories
Sqoop (cast iron walnut wood teflon) - Coffee AccessoriesSqoop (cast iron walnut wood teflon) - Coffee Accessories
Mugr Charc (ceramic walnut wood) - Coffee AccessoriesMugr Charc (ceramic walnut wood) - Coffee Accessories
W Glass Amber (recycled glass - mug for water) - CoffeeW Glass Amber (recycled glass - mug for water) - Coffee
Woven Plate (recycled glass) - TablewareWoven Plate (recycled glass) - Tableware
Pencil GD (aluminum) - PencilPencil GD (aluminum) - Pencil
Pencil GD (aluminum) Sale price€37,95
Pencil BK (aluminum) - PencilPencil BK (aluminum) - Pencil
Pencil BK (aluminum) Sale price€37,95
Ballpoint RAW (aluminum) - Pen Roller BallpointBallpoint RAW (aluminum) - Pen Roller Ballpoint
Ballpoint RAW (aluminum) Sale price€37,95
Ballpoint BK (aluminum) - Pen Roller BallpointBallpoint BK (aluminum) - Pen Roller Ballpoint
Ballpoint BK (aluminum) Sale price€37,95
Magnetic Pen (aluminum) - Pen Roller BallpointMagnetic Pen (aluminum) - Pen Roller Ballpoint
Magnetic Pen (aluminum) Sale price€38,65
Plummet Ballpoint (aluminum) - Pen Roller BallpointPlummet Ballpoint (aluminum) - Pen Roller Ballpoint
Scissors GD (stainless steel titanium brass) - ScissorsScissors GD (stainless steel titanium brass) - Scissors
Scissors BK (stainless steel teflon aluminum) - ScissorsScissors BK (stainless steel teflon aluminum) - Scissors
Mugr Cloud Walnut - (ceramic, walnut wood)Mugr Cloud Walnut - (ceramic, walnut wood)
Mugr Cloud Beech -  (ceramic, beech wood)Mugr Cloud Beech -  (ceramic, beech wood)
Paperweight (aluminum)Paperweight (aluminum)
Paperweight (aluminum) Sale price€27,60
Exacto Scissors WTExacto Scissors WT
Exacto Scissors WT Sale price€43,50
Utility Knife BK  - (aluminum, iron, brass)Utility Knife BK  - (aluminum, iron, brass)
Utility Knife GR  - (aluminum, iron, brass)Utility Knife GR  - (aluminum, iron, brass)
Utility Knife SV  - (aluminum, iron, brass)Utility Knife SV  - (aluminum, iron, brass)
Mouse Pad (vegan leather, Sponge PU)Mouse Pad (vegan leather, Sponge PU)


Discover Elegance in Simplicity with HMM

The Craft of Minimalist Design

In the bustling cityscape of Taiwan, HMM stands as a paragon of minimalist beauty, bringing a sleek and functional elegance to the realm of stationery. HMM Taiwanese stationery is a proud exhibition of utility fused with aesthetic minimalism, presenting items such as the 2-in-1 Japanese Steel Scissors and the Weighted Dodecagonal Barrel Metal Mechanical Pencil that redefine the concept of daily essentials. The brand's meticulously crafted Milled Aluminum Ballpoint Pen and matte-glazed Japanese Ceramic Handmade Mugs epitomize its dedication to quality and meticulous attention to detail.

Taiwanese Craftsmanship and Global Aesthetics

HMM—which signifies Human Mechanic Method—embodies a philosophy that prioritizes the human touch in the design process. Established in Taipei in 2014, HMM reinvents everyday items with a distinctive flair, combining the best local materials with superior craftsmanship. Their timeless products are a declaration of HMM's forward-thinking and innovative approach, encapsulating the essence of classic and contemporary styles.

The Art of Everyday Objects

The core of HMM's mission is to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Each pen, pencil, or desk accessory is a testament to the brand's dedication to creating polished, thoughtful goods. With each design, HMM captures the beauty of everyday life, enhancing it with a simplicity and sophistication that is the hallmark of Taiwanese culture. The result is a stationery collection that elevates the act of writing and organizing to an art form, inviting users to partake in a tradition of elegance and functionality.