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An Outsider doesn't belong to a specific place, country or culture. An Outsider is always ready to start a long journey across the globe and share adventures with backpackers met along the trip. We are here to make this experience even more unique.

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It is time to fill up your backpack before a long and memorable trip. We have prepared all the essentials needed with carefully selected brands to accompany you all along.

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Overlanding often comes with backpacking. You know, for the times you need some rest, to relax, and practice your meditation. We got your back.

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What is the relationship between a match and a stick of incense? Hibi has succeeded in bringing these two elements together. The Hibi stick burns in ten minutes, and invades your environment with an ambiance perfume that will be enough to bring you relaxation, freshness, meditation according to your choice in the range of their proposed perfumes.

The toyo steel toolboxes are cheerful and colorful, no more excuses for not storing your tools... Only tools? Not quite, they are so stylish that you can put: "a little bit of everything".

Aaaah, sweet Glamping. The new way to enjoy camping during your travels with a pre-made accommodation waiting for you, ready experience the joys of the nature with the comfort of your home. What most people are looking for is authenticity, not an easy task when you have the Glamping’s comfort, but we have your back: here’s our list of the must-have Glamping Accessories to carry on and make your experience unique.

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