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    KINTO: your favorite tumblers to accompany you everywhere you go.

    Kinto is a Japanese brand willing to develop products suitable for a modern life with easy of use, stunning design, unique apparence while keeping the durability and usability at its best through the use of various materials.

    What makes Kinto Tumblers unique ?

    Kinto always has relayed on a harmony of comfort and appearance: adding colors and unique shapes to your everyday life is that one goal meant to make you feel better. Other than that, the product's materials are always carefully selected to make you feel the best comfort while using Kinto's tumblers, and feel like drinking for a glass.

    We have selected to different models: the To Go Tumbler, and the Travel Tumbler, both with various colors to fill everyone's needs. Pretty self explanatory, the To Go Tumbler is the one that will act more as a cup of coffee that will keep the liquid hot on your way to work, a meeting or seeing a friend. In the rush in the morning ? Turn on the coffee machine, pour the coffee in your Tumbler, you're good to go !

    Regarding the Travel Tumbler, its aim is for longer period of time: 6 hours or more to keep your liquid hot or cold! Light weight with a rounded shape to fit everywhere: on a bike dial, along your bag,... Trust us, this tumbler will become your favorite travel buddy for day trips.

    Meet your expectations for a Tumbler

    Weither you'd like to keep your liquid hot or cold, KINTO's Tumblers will do the work perfectly. You can keep your coffee, tea, iced water... for hours, depending on the models you decide to pick.

    The To Go Tumbler 240ml will allow you to keep a coffee at 65ºC or more, hot for 1 hour. About an iced tea, 2 hours for 10ºC or less. The 360ml offers better insulation effect, with 70ºC or more for 1 hour, and 10ºC or less for 5 hours. All of this in a small, light weight cup for your everyday needs.

    Regarding the Travel Tumbler, with the 500ml one, a 7ºC or less liquid will remain cold for the next 6 hours, exact same for a 65ºC or more liquid. How can it be even better ? Oh, we know... the 350ml Kinto Tumbler will be able to keep it hot or cold for the same amount of time !