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Welcome to The Outsiders Journey!

Welcome to The Outsiders Journey, a realm where the power of simplicity meets exceptional quality. Situated in the vibrant heart of Paris, The Outsiders Journey is not merely a business, it's an ideology, a way of life, a sanctuary for those who value quality and artistry. We are dedicated to bringing you robust, high-quality design products and stationery, thoughtfully crafted to uplift your everyday life and align seamlessly with your unique ethos. Our products are about more than aesthetics or functionality - they are about storytelling, expressing ideas, and inspiring connections.




Central to our belief system is the philosophy of "less is more." We live in an era where the charm of items in our space is often fleeting, with their value quickly depreciating as the novelty wears off. At The Outsiders Journey, we encourage you to take a different path, one that favors enduring quality over transient quantity. Our meticulously curated collection is a testament to this ethos, with every item reflecting durability and timeless design. Moreover, our commitment to sustainable practices and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes ensures that your purchase with us contributes positively to our planet.




Our commitment to provide you with the best has led us to collaborate with some of the most respected brands in the industry. Each brand we feature, including Toyo Steel, Traveler's Company, Vanguard, and Ystudio, has a unique ethos and design philosophy that harmonize with our mission at The Outsiders Journey. By partnering with these brands, we're able to offer a diverse, high-quality, and unique selection of products that we're incredibly proud to share with you. The eclectic mix of their offerings helps us cater to a variety of tastes, preferences, and needs, ensuring there's something for everyone at The Outsiders Journey.

usine toyosteel à osaka


We understand and appreciate that the true beauty and individuality of a product stem from attention to the finest details. This belief is mirrored in our approach at The Outsiders Journey, where we celebrate the time, mastery, and precision required to create a truly unique and exceptional product. Each piece in our collection is individually crafted, ensuring that every product you receive is as unique and special as you are.



One of the most gratifying aspects of our journey is the opportunity to visit the ateliers and factories that collaborate with us. These visits allow us to delve deeper into the narratives of our products, absorbing the symphony of machines at work, marveling at the tools weathered by time, and basking in the inviting scent of fresh sawdust. We are deeply invested in supporting and promoting traditional craftsmanship. To bring you along on these journeys, we share our experiences of these fascinating workshops through our blog. These glimpses into the production process allow us to highlight the stories, skills, and dedication that go into the making of every single product.

A Journey into the World of Japanese Fountain Pens

Bridging the gap between skilled craftsmen and you, our valued customers, is an endeavor we hold close to our hearts at The Outsiders Journey. We are dedicated to offering you products that narrate a unique story and encapsulate the essence of timeless design. It is with this intent that we invite you to explore our collection. Every piece is handpicked with a steadfast commitment to sustainability and meticulous attention to detail. We trust that you'll find delight in the artistry and craftsmanship of our products and the journey each item embarks on - from the skilled hands of artisans to your personal space.


On behalf of The Outsiders Journey team, thank you for choosing to be a part of this extraordinary journey. We are excited to serve you, assist you in discovering the gems of our collection, and continue on this exciting path of simplicity, quality, and sustainability together.

With sincere regards and gratitude,

The Outsiders Journey Team