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MK1 Steel 40mm Fabric Strap Khaki WatchMK1 Steel 40mm Fabric Strap Khaki Watch
MK1 Steel 40mm Fabric Strap Black WatchMK1 Steel 40mm Fabric Strap Black Watch



What is the point of buying a product, just for the brand, without any reliability? What is the point of spending money for something that will probably not last, and make you buy a new one a few months later? Well, we honestly do not know.

The origins of the icon: the Waterbury Clock Company

Remember when stuffs were made to last? When the durability was one of the main selling arguments for almost everything? Some of us are too young to have experienced this. But at least, in the 19th century, for example, when Timex was founded, a good product was a tough one.

More than a century and a half ago, any reliable clock available in America was most probably a high-end European one. The idea of Waterbury Clock Company (former name of Timex) founded in 1854 by brass manufacturers Benedict & Burnham, was to create an affordable and durable watch for all. But how to achieve such a challenge? 

The solution was mass-production. Simple, ingenuous American adaptation of European crafts. In just a few years, Timex was producing millions of mainly brass clocks for major clock companies in the USA and started to export them to Europe. In only a few decades, by 1888, Timex had become the largest producer of watches in the world. 

Today, and tomorrow

These were all pocket watches. But during World War I, a new demand appeared: soldiers, among others, needed to be able to read time easily while holding their guns. Same for workers. Timex met this need by adding something to their watches that seems obvious nowadays: a strap. The first wristwatch was born. It had to be solid and reliable… But this had always been part of their brand.

Since then, Timex still produces durable, precise, elegant, and versatile watches for all purposes. They offer top-quality wristwatches you can rely on anywhere anytime, for any of your activities. The tough materials that made the pride of the company, the amazing battery life to meet the needs of modern outdoor lifestyle, the adaptability to keep you company through the most various experiences… All this condensed in a sober design that fits to any circumstance. 

Is your watch reliable enough, to take it with you to all your adventures? Would you count on it to go into the wilderness? Would you trust it through years, and know, that you will be able to pass it to the next generation with all the great memories it will be full of?

With Timex, you can. From the metal parts made of the best materials and with the best techniques improved through almost seventeen decades, to the strong yet comfortable strap, every bit of this collection is pure elegant ingenuity at your service. More than a century and a half of relentless improvements, so you can live your life fully, without worrying about something as basic as your watch. If one item should be reliable, this is the one. Looks like your search is over: it is time for your next adventure!