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SLENDY + eraser refill - EraserSLENDY + eraser refill - Eraser
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SLENDY + eraser pink - EraserSLENDY + eraser pink - Eraser
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SLENDY + eraser green - EraserSLENDY + eraser green - Eraser
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SLENDY + eraser blue - EraserSLENDY + eraser blue - Eraser
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SLENDY + eraser silver - EraserSLENDY + eraser silver - Eraser
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The Evolution of Erasing

Pioneers of Precision

Since its inception in 1915, the brand has revolutionized the act of erasing. Their commitment to innovation within the stationery world is unparalleled, giving us the first plastic eraser, correction tape, and even a paper recycling machine. The SEED eraser brand has become synonymous with quality and precision, cultivating a legacy that continues to inspire. The Clear Radar series is a testament to their ingenuity, a transparent eraser that allows for pinpoint accuracy, ensuring that only the intended areas are erased.

A Window to Clarity

The Clear Radar eraser, crafted from a flexible and durable material, not only delivers a clean erase but does so with minimal debris, a feature cherished by professionals and enthusiasts alike. The thoughtful design extends to its sleeve, equipped with notches that mitigate pressure and prevent breakage. This innovation allows for a light touch and a clear view of what's being erased, making it a staple in any stationery connoisseur's collection.

Innovation Meets Artistry

Building on its tradition of excellence, introduce the Sun Radar Eraser, a marvel that changes color with exposure to sunlight. This unique feature adds an element of delight and exemplifies SEED's dedication to combining functionality with fun. The Sun Radar's soft yet tear-resistant material guarantees a clean erase with a comfortable grip, solidifying their place at the forefront of stationery design.

In a world where detail and precision are paramount, it stands out as a beacon of innovation, merging practicality with the pleasure of design. Their erasers aren't just tools; they celebrate the meticulous craftsmanship that has set the eraser brand apart for over a century.