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    COBAKO is a collection of TOYO STEEL a Japanese toolbox manufacturer, established in 1969 in Osaka, Kansai region – famous for producing high-quality steel for centuries.

    Design and sustainable

    Based on the concepts of “sturdy and durable fine metal” and “seamless drawing process”, Toyo Steel aim to create a connection between Japan and Western countries, by combining Japanese traditional crafting techniques (in this case, steelwork) and westernized design, compared to the traditional Japanese boxes.

    The fusion between global thinking and Japanese ingenuity gave birth to this collection of extremely well-designed toolboxes. Durable, functional, made with a combination of ancient knowledge and modern tools. They are perfectly stackable, which is a typical element in Japanese design. The storage space inside is optimized too, and even your safety is taken into consideration, hence the rounded edges.

    Who are these boxes for?

    The design of the Toyo Steel boxes is so well-conceived, that they are suitable for anyone. Especially recommended for DIYers, its versatility will make it the best companion you can dream of to store all your tools. But of course, it can be used to stock any kind of objects, and in the case of the Cobako collection, the boxes are so elegant, that they can fit anywhere even as part of your interior decor.

    “Cobako”, in Japanese, means “little box”. A simple name for a simple design. It comes in various sizes and colors, all very adaptable to different uses and scenario.

    So adaptable that you can use it to hold any of your daily objects in your living room, the utensils in your kitchen, your tools in your workshop, some precious objects in your bedroom, or even some cosmetics in your bathroom. In a nutshell: anything, anywhere. Its refined shape makes it a versatile decorative object besides being useful, and the delicate outlines contrast with the toughness of the single sheet of high-quality steel it is pressed from.

    Cobako shows a unique combination of utility and design, delicateness and sturdiness, that make it indispensable on a daily basis. And it is so durable, that you can even pass it on to the next generation. Imagine a simple toolbox, that is so durable that you and your kids can all bring new memories to it, and then pass it on. A toolbox that is so timelessly elegant, that you are proud to show it or even to offer it.

    Some would say “it’s just a decorative box” … But they would be wrong. Others could say “well, that’s a toolbox, no big deal” … Wrong again. A Toyo Steel toolbox, especially the Cobako collection, is neither of those. And yet, it is so much more than both.