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    Who does still use disposable bottles? Ok, sadly, many people still do that. Though vacuum bottles are getting a huge comeback these days, and there is a reason for that: they are sustainable and useful.

    Sustainable, really? So, is it biodegradable or something?

    No! Actually, it is quite the opposite. Many products focus on the idea of recycling, of throwing away without polluting. But the real sustainability is when you get to buy one product that lasts for years. When you never have to throw away, nor replace it. And if it is damaged, to be able to repair it.

    Though the environmental issues were not really a concern more than a hundred years ago, in 1913, when Stanley invented the all-steel vacuum bottle, the whole point was to create a tough, durable product, that could keep you company all day long, from the morning coffee to the digestive after diner. Even more, a product you could bring to work or to any outdoor activities, so you could enjoy any drink anywhere anytime.

    Today, they mainly focus on being sustainable and environmentally friendly. Not only their products are durable, but they are also thought out to be as repairable as possible: whenever only a part is damaged, you can replace it instead of buying a whole new product. They try to reduce as much as possible the global footprint of their company. And if, by any bad luck or foolishness, the product ends up thrown away, let us remind you that steel is one of the easiest materials to recycle, which makes it the perfect raw material.

    That is for the environmental part. But sustainability is made of three elements: environment (check), economy (check), and… Social. Well, check. Because Stanley’s commitments also include making the whole supply chain ethical and fair.

    Besides all this…What is different from any other brand?

    Durability was first just an idea. More than a century ago, Stanley brought life to this concept, by combining the toughness of steel and the insulation created by the vacuum. The result then became essential gear for hikers, climbers, runners, campers, road trippers, and all sorts of outdoor adventurers, but also a basic daily companion for countless workers all around the world, from offices to factories.

    Finally, as a brand, Stanley became nothing less than an icon and a raw model through the globe. But their mission is endless. Timeless. It started before the first world war – think about it – and continues today.

    Their goal is to give every outdoor experience a real comfort and serenity bonus, by letting you treat yourself with a reliable beverage gear all year round and even more. To offer a product that helps people through several lifetimes, that respects the environment, and that is produced in a fair and ethical way. To bring you and your descendants a beautiful, elegant solution for every day, that proves you do not have to choose between comfort and doing right by mother earth.