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A Century of Innovation with Stanley

Stanley, a brand with a history spanning over a century, was founded by inventor William Stanley Jr. in 1913. This brand isn't just about creating products. It's about creating legacies. Thanks to its history of innovation, invention, and inspiration, the Stanley brand has become synonymous with outdoor adventures and road trips.

Top Reasons to Choose Stanley for Your Beverage Containers

  1. Longstanding Reputation: Stanley has a history of over a century. Founded by inventor William Stanley Jr. in 1913. The brand has become integral to many outdoor adventures and road trips.
  2. Commitment to Sustainability: Stanley is committed to sustainable practices across their entire supply chain, from manufacturing to recycled materials and packaging. They have set goals to use recycled stainless steel in 50% of their products by 2025 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030.
  3. High-Quality, Durable Products: Stanley products are "Built For Life"™, designed to be durable, reusable, and long-lasting. This reduces the need for disposable products that often end up in waste streams.
  4. Variety of Products: Stanley offers various products for different needs and adventures. There's a Stanley product for everyone from the classic series, where Stanley started, to travel mugs and the rugged Classic Legendary series.
  5. Innovative Design: Stanley products are designed with user needs in mind. For instance, the Classic Legendary bottle is designed to withstand dings, dents, and even drops, all while preserving the thermal integrity of your beverage. It’s slim, so you can grip it one-handed, and the leakproof design features a twist-and-pour stopper for better control. There’s even an insulated lid that doubles as a cup for drinking.
  6. Thermal Retention: Stanley's vacuum insulation technology ensures that your hot drinks stay hot and your cold drinks stay cold for many hours. For example, the Classic Legendary bottle can keep drinks hot for 20 hours, cold for 24 hours, and iced for four days.
  7. Guaranteed Quality: Stanley stands by the quality of its products. They ensure that their products do what they say they do, or they replace them. This shows the brand's confidence in the quality and performance of its products.

Stanley: Building for Sustainability

Stanley isn't just about quality products; it's about a sustainable future. The brand has been creating durable, reusable, and "Built For Life"™ products for over a hundred years, reducing demand for disposable items that end up in waste streams​1​. Stanley's commitment extends across its entire supply chain, from manufacturing to recycled materials, and even packaging. To use recycled stainless steel in 50% of their products by 2025 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, Stanley is a brand dedicated to sustainability.

Stanley Classic: The Tried and True

The Stanley Classic series is where the Stanley brand was born. It's the heart of Stanley and the backbone of all the products that followed.

Stanley Travel Mugs: Your Perfect Travel Companion

Whether scaling a mountain or simply commuting to work, the Stanley Travel Mug is designed to be your perfect travel companion. This series includes the Classic Trigger-Action Travel Mug, available in 20 OZ and 16 OZ sizes, and the Classic Travel Mug French Press.

Stanley Classic Legendary: The Rugged Tank

The Stanley Classic Legendary is a rugged little bottle tank built to withstand anything from dings, dents, and even drops. Its double-wall vacuum insulation and leakproof design makes it the perfect companion for any adventure. The insulated lid even doubles as a cup for drinking. 

Stanley Classic Twinlock: Unleashing Innovation

The Stanley Classic Twinlock is a fine example of Stanley's dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation. Sporting the patented Twinlock design, this collection has redefined the concept of thermal retention and leak-proof performance. It is meticulously engineered to ensure your beverages stay perfectly hot or cold, while the leak-proof feature makes it a reliable companion for all outdoor enthusiasts. Not just limited to outdoor expeditions, this range is equally convenient for urban dwellers, offering them a practical solution for their daily commuting needs.

Stanley Classic Trigger-Action: Redefining Convenience

The Stanley Classic Trigger-Action range is about delivering exceptional convenience in your hands. Designed to facilitate one-handed, trigger-action operation, this collection is all about ensuring a seamless user experience. It eliminates the need for complicated mechanisms, letting you enjoy your hot or cold beverages with minimal effort. Whether you're traversing rugged mountain trails or navigating the hustle and bustle of city life, the Stanley Classic Trigger-Action products guarantee a hassle-free experience, becoming your trusty sidekick in all of life's adventures.

Stanley Classic Twinlock: The Embodiment of Functionality and Durability

When you think of the Stanley Classic Twinlock, you envision a blend of supreme functionality and steadfast durability. It's a product range that has been masterfully crafted keeping in mind the diverse needs of modern adventurers and everyday users alike. The unique twin-lock mechanism not only promises superior thermal retention capabilities, but also ensures a leak-proof experience, elevating it to a league of its own. From camping trips to office commutes, the Stanley Classic Twinlock stands as a symbol of Stanley's unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.