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    Writing, is a hobbie. No matter what you want to write, like a novel, a love letter, a traveling diary,... it will always comes with a piece of your memories you want to store forever, inked on a page. 

    Kakimori ink will provide you the ink to perfectly express and reflect upon yourself. The joy of expressing yourself gros through the simple act of writing. 

    In the heart of Tokyo downtown

    Kakimori is originally coming from the surrounding area of the city center of Tokyo. You know, the emblamatic, typical Japanese backstreets that have inspired many to write, think, sing about the little things in life that sparks joy in our routine.

    In this downtown area, the values and heart of craftsmanship remains untouched: Kakimori made it as their original print on the products they're crafting. The joy of writing, and telling stories has to be done throught the art of writing, with a nice pen, ink and paper, as your memories and stories deserve it more than anything else.

    It is time to bring back the joys of writing

    With Kakimori products, you will instantly feel what Hirose Takuma, who's behind Kakimori, means by expressing yourself, even with simple words such as "Good morning !" "Hello" "Thanks", takes much more sense if it is written with the attention of using high quality ink. Once you have discovered the pleasure it is to write with joy, you can't go back: you will take a genuine pleasure to express yourself throught a pen and a paper.

    Here at The Outsiders Journey, we want to keep on sharing products issued from craftsmanship, made with love and care. Kakimori is a perfect example, where we can feel the passion that is "ink"corporated in each and every of their creations.