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Kakimori Nib

Introducing the Kakimori Nib.

Welcome to our collection of Kakimori nibs, where innovation meets tradition to redefine the art of writing. Our range includes the expressive Brass Nib and the precise Stainless Steel Nib, each designed to cater to different writing styles and preferences. These nibs are not just writing instruments; they are a testament to the transformative power of innovative engineering, beautifully harmonized to redefine the traditional dip pen experience.

Whether you're sketching, journaling, or corresponding, the Kakimori nibs, with their massive ink capacity and consistent flow rate, are designed to enhance your creativity. They are more than just tools; they are companions for artists, embodying the Kakimori philosophy that cherishes playfulness and creativity. Explore our collection and experience the joy of writing with Kakimori.

An extraordinary instrument that takes the art of writing and drawing to unprecedented heights. This creation from Japan effortlessly fuses innovation and tradition, revolutionizing the tools available to the artistic and writing communities. It's a dynamic game-changer that brings a refreshing wave of novelty to nibs and inks.

Unveiling the Kakimori Nib

The Kakimori nib is available in two distinct variants, each radiating its unique charm, encapsulating a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and technical brilliance. These are not just ordinary nibs; they are individual masterpieces of craftsmanship, meticulously designed to captivate, inspire, and elevate your writing experience to new heights.

The Brass Nib

The Brass Nib stands as the consummate professional among the two variants. Its design is a testament to the power of expressive, flowing lines and is ideal for those who favor broader fountain pen nibs. This nib is adept at gliding seamlessly across the paper, making the act of writing and drawing an absolute pleasure. It's not just about putting pen to paper; it's about the joy of movement, the freedom of artistic expression, and the unique satisfaction of creating something beautiful with your hands. The Brass Nib is more than just a writing instrument; it's a celebration of the art of writing itself.  

The Stainless Steel Nib

In contrast, the Stainless Steel Nib is a model of control and precision. Its design is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail in crafting a nib that offers superior power and precision. This nib's slower, deliberate action restrains stray lines, lending enhanced accuracy to your work. Its finer point ensures that you command your canvas with an unrivaled level of meticulous detail. The Stainless Steel Nib is not just about writing; it's about creating with precision, controlling every stroke, and crafting every word carefully. It's about the satisfaction that comes from knowing that every line, every stroke, and every word is exactly as you intended. 

Nib Kakimori

Revolutionizing the Dip Pen Experience 

The Kakimori nibs are not merely about aesthetics; they are a testament to the transformative power of innovative engineering. These nibs are marvels of design and function, beautifully harmonized to redefine the traditional dip pen experience. They stand out in the market, not just for their visual appeal but for their unique blend of design and functionality that is beautiful and harmonious. Kakimori has taken a bold step away from the conventions of traditional dip pens, which are often associated with the inconvenience of frequent reinking. Introducing the Kakimori Nib represents a significant breakthrough in nib design. This innovative feature is an industry-first, setting a new standard for dip pens.

The Kakimori  Nib can write an entire 5"x7" notebook page with just a single immersion in Kakimori Pigment Ink. This remarkable feature is not just a technical novelty; it fundamentally changes the user experience, making the dip pen a practical tool for everyday uses such as journaling and correspondence. This is the first dip pen we'd confidently recommend for everyday use, a testament to Kakimori's commitment to revolutionizing the writing experience.

Kakimori Nib

A New Tool for Artists

Breaking the Barriers of Traditional Nibs The Kakimori Nib isn't merely a writing instrument but an artist's companion. Demonstrated to excel in sketching and drawing, its massive ink capacity and consistent flow rate make it a stellar performer. It easily transitions between fine, precise markings to larger fills, showing a versatility surpassing even the broadest traditional nibs.

Living the Kakimori Philosophy Every Kakimori nib is a testament to a philosophy that cherishes playfulness and creativity. This philosophy doesn't merely reflect in the nib's design but manifests in the creative onomatopoeia of the inks' names and the whimsical droplet-shaped ink bottles. Along with the pen holder, explore our Kakimori paper products, fountain pens, nibs, and inks to complete your stationery collection.