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scissors 6.5 / gold - Scissorsscissors 6.5 / gold - Scissors
scissors 3 / gold - Scissorsscissors 3 / gold - Scissors
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alphabet stamp / capital letters - Stampalphabet stamp / capital letters - Stamp
wire clip / black / 12pcs per pack - Clip
Wooden Ballpoint Pen/ black - Ballpoint PenWooden Ballpoint Pen/ black - Ballpoint Pen
stamp / number - Stampstamp / number - Stamp
scissors 3 / black - Scissorsscissors 3 / black - Scissors
Rulermark Brass - RulerRulermark Brass - Ruler
alphabet stamp / small letters - Stampalphabet stamp / small letters - Stamp
Wooden Ballpoint Pen/ dark red - Ballpoint PenWooden Ballpoint Pen/ dark red - Ballpoint Pen
Wooden Ballpoint Pen/ green - Ballpoint PenWooden Ballpoint Pen/ green - Ballpoint Pen
Brass Clip - GN(Owl) / 10pcs per box - ClipBrass Clip - GN(Owl) / 10pcs per box - Clip
Wooden Mechanical Pencil/ yellow - PencilWooden Mechanical Pencil/ yellow - Pencil
Wooden Mechanical Pencil/ green - PencilWooden Mechanical Pencil/ green - Pencil
lead refill / HB / 0.5mm lead / 10 refills per stick -lead refill / HB / 0.5mm lead / 10 refills per stick -
Brass Clip - GY(McGill) / 10pcs per box - ClipBrass Clip - GY(McGill) / 10pcs per box - Clip
Wooden Ballpoint Pen/ yellow - Ballpoint PenWooden Ballpoint Pen/ yellow - Ballpoint Pen
Wooden Mechanical Pencil/ dark red - PencilWooden Mechanical Pencil/ dark red - Pencil
Wooden Mechanical Pencil/ black - PencilWooden Mechanical Pencil/ black - Pencil
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wire clip / golden / 12pcs per pack - Clipwire clip / golden / 12pcs per pack - Clip
Brass Clip - PK(Weis) / 10pcs per box - ClipBrass Clip - PK(Weis) / 10pcs per box - Clip
scissors 6.5 / black - Scissorsscissors 6.5 / black - Scissors
scale yellow - Rulerscale yellow - Ruler
Tools to Liveby
scale yellow Sale price€8,58
pen cap / 5cm length / natural x 2 - Pencilpen cap / 5cm length / natural x 2 - Pencil
Hexetate ruler / whilte havana - RulerHexetate ruler / whilte havana - Ruler
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Hexetate ruler / brown havana - RulerHexetate ruler / brown havana - Ruler
Brass Clip - PL(Niagara) / 10pcs per box - ClipBrass Clip - PL(Niagara) / 10pcs per box - Clip
scissors 9 / black - Scissorsscissors 9 / black - Scissors
scissors 8 / gold - Scissorsscissors 8 / gold - Scissors
scale red - Rulerscale red - Ruler
Tools to Liveby
scale red Sale price€8,58
lead refill / 2B / 0.5mm lead / 10 refills per stick -
pen cap / 5cm length / brown x 1+ black x 1 - Pencilpen cap / 5cm length / brown x 1+ black x 1 - Pencil
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Hexetate ruler / green havana - RulerHexetate ruler / green havana - Ruler
Le Chat White - Fountain PenLe Chat White - Fountain Pen
Tools to Liveby
Le Chat White Sale price€62,70
Fountain pen / brass - Fountain PenFountain pen / brass - Fountain Pen
Brass Clip - YE(Ideal) / 10pcs per box - ClipBrass Clip - YE(Ideal) / 10pcs per box - Clip
Brass Clip - BL(Mogul) / 10pcs per box - ClipBrass Clip - BL(Mogul) / 10pcs per box - Clip
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clip 19mm / silver / 10pcs per pack - Clip
Calligraphy Practice Notebook / Chancery Cursive - NotebookCalligraphy Practice Notebook / Chancery Cursive - Notebook
lead refill / B / 0.5mm lead / 10 refills per stick - Pencil
scissors 8 / black - Scissorsscissors 8 / black - Scissors
scale silver - Rulerscale silver - Ruler
Tools to Liveby
scale silver Sale price€8,58
scale green - Rulerscale green - Ruler
Tools to Liveby
scale green Sale price€8,58
scale blue - Rulerscale blue - Ruler
Tools to Liveby
scale blue Sale price€8,58
scale black - Rulerscale black - Ruler
Tools to Liveby
scale black Sale price€8,58
lead refill / mix: HB×1 stick+B×1 stick+2B×1 stick / 0.5mmlead refill / mix: HB×1 stick+B×1 stick+2B×1 stick / 0.5mm
Craftsman Stamp - Florist - StampCraftsman Stamp - Florist - Stamp
glass bottle ink / red - Inkglass bottle ink / red - Ink
glass bottle ink / green - Inkglass bottle ink / green - Ink
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glass bottle ink / blue black - Inkglass bottle ink / blue black - Ink

Tools to Liveby

Aesthetics Meet Modern Design

The Beauty in Everyday Stationery

Tools to Liveby, a brand that hails from the creative heart of Taiwan, specializes in redefining the stationery experience. With a product range inspired by vintage aesthetics, this brand stands out for its ability to find "the uncommon beauty in common things," a philosophy inspired by famous Modernist designers. Each stationery item, be it their Teflon-coated scissors that resist sticky residues or their elegant leather goods, is crafted to elevate the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Imagine the feel of a beautifully weighted brass fountain pen in your hand, its nib gracefully dancing across the finest paper, turning your thoughts into inked jewels. Envision your desk adorned with exquisite desk accessories - from sleek rulers to elegant letter openers, each piece thoughtfully designed to elevate your workspace into a realm of minimalist beauty and functionality. Tools to Liveby offers an experience, a journey into a world where every detail is considered, and every item tells its unique story​.

A Commitment to Function and Form

Founded by Karen Yang, the brand caters to those passionate about stationery. The brand's commitment to functionality does not compromise aesthetics but harmonizes them. This is vividly seen in their minimalist range of brass stationery, which has become a haven for pen, pencil, and paper lovers worldwide. From the initial selling of high-quality stationery and life tools, it has evolved to design and offer timeless products that embody both the functional and the beautiful.

Sustainability and Enduring Quality 

Every product in this distinguished collection is a harmonious blend of eco-friendly practices and superior craftsmanship, making them timeless treasures in your workspace. The brand prides itself on using robust, high-quality materials like brass for its pens and Teflon-coating for scissors, ensuring each tool is elegant and built to last. This durability is a conscious effort to reduce waste and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle.

The eco-friendliness of Tools to Liveby extends beyond the products themselves to their packaging and production processes. Emphasizing recyclable and biodegradable materials, the brand significantly minimizes environmental impact. This approach aligns with the global movement towards sustainability, offering consumers products that are aesthetically pleasing and ethically produced. By choosing Tools to Liveby, you are not only selecting high-quality, durable items for your daily use but also supporting a philosophy that cherishes and respects our planet.​

Master Curators of Global Stationery

Tools to Liveby curates the world's finest stationery and lifestyle items. Known for their minimalistic aesthetic and vintage design, they masterfully bring together a collection that speaks to connoisseurs of quality and design. Whether it's their expertly designed binder clips or curated letter openers, each product from the brand is a testament to the brand's meticulous attention to detail and pursuit of enhancing the pleasure of everyday stationery use. 

Inspired by the Past, Crafted for the Future

The ethos of Tools to Liveby is deeply rooted in an appreciation for the past, with each product bearing a design that tells a story. The brand's seamless blend of traditional inspirations with contemporary craftsmanship ensures that each piece is a tool and a legacy. It's about making every day more enjoyable, starting with the very tools we hold in our hands. This is the essence of Tools to Liveby—a brand that believes in the joy of writing and the importance of having the right tools.