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Comfort and function go hand in hand with the Slendy SEED Plus Eraser, a cult classic tool with Japanese precision. This slim eraser features a tiny tip that effortlessly glides on paper to erase tiny mistakes and miscalculations from view. A slide knock button and stopper allow to you dispense the eraser as you would a mechanical pencil, keeping it clean and tidy. SEED is a collection of high-quality Japanese erasers with an old-fashioned schoolhouse look. Designed with function and purpose SEED erasers wipe out pencil marks in seconds with minimal strain, leaving virtually no shavings or debris behind. A favorite of stationery fans around the globe, SEED erasers are coveted for their mix of high-precision technology and vintage-inspired design.  

Rubber Eraser, Stainless Steel

Length: 10cm

Width: 1,3cm

Made in Japan



Seed is a Japanese rubber brand with over 100 years of experience and produces some of the best rubber on the market
SEED is a brand of high quality Japanese erasers. SEED erasers are popular with stationery enthusiasts around the world for their blend of high precision technology and vintage-inspired design.