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Unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in the joy of writing with the TRAVELER'S COMPANY BRASS Fountain Pen. This exceptional pen combines functionality, elegance, and the timeless appeal of a fountain pen. Crafted with precision by skilled Japanese craftsmen, the pen boasts a depth of texture that solid brass acquires over time, making each writing experience a true pleasure.

Compact Design, Effortless Writing

The Fountain Pen effortlessly transitions into a compact carry-around size, making it an ideal companion wherever you go. When elongated, the pen ensures a comfortable writing experience, allowing your thoughts to flow freely. The solid brass construction provides durability and develops a unique texture as it ages and is used, adding a touch of character to your writing instrument.

Customization and Versatility

The top of the pen features a ring, offering endless possibilities for customization. Attach a hook or string to clip it to your bag as a key holder, or let your imagination run free and embellish it with beads and other decorative items. The ring can also be removed for a clip-free pen, providing a sleek and minimalist look. The pen is compatible with the TRAVELER'S notebook Pen Holder, offering additional convenience and organization options.

Evolving Beauty and Timeless Charm

As you use the TRAVELER'S COMPANY BRASS Fountain Pen, the surface naturally oxidizes, deepening the color and adding a touch of sophistication to the material. Embrace the evolving beauty of the pen as it ages gracefully, showcasing the natural patina and texture of brass. The pen may develop slight scratches over time, further enhancing its unique character and reminding you of the stories written with it.

Product Characteristics:

  • Crafted with precision by skilled Japanese craftsmen
  • Easily converts into a compact carry-around size
  • Elongated design for effortless writing
  • Develops a depth of texture as the brass oxidizes
  • Customizable with a removable ring for personalization
  • Compatible with TRAVELER'S notebook Pen Holder
  • Uses international standard cartridges (black ink)
  • Pen size: 102mm in length, 11mm in diameter
  • Made in Japan

Rediscover the pleasure of writing with the TRAVELER'S COMPANY BRASS Fountain Pen. Experience a fountain pen's elegant, versatility, and timeless charm, enhanced by solid brass's unique texture and evolving beauty. Let your  words flow gracefully and create lasting memories with this exceptional pen.

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