Mugr Cloud Walnut - (ceramic, walnut wood)

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This new interpretation on HMM’s classic design of Mugr Cloud is made with quality ceramics and light gray flowing glaze, which gives every single mug varied shades, injecting the Scandinavian leisure into life.

Mugr Cloud offers two handle options: friendly beech handle and subtle walnut. The body of the mug is made of ceramic that is fired at 1290-degree Celsius to achieve complete ceramization for minimal water absorption and enhanced thermal shock stability. The mug can be refrigerated or used for both cold and hot drinks. The smooth surface with flowing glaze is easy to clean, leaving no residual coffee or tea at the bottom. It adds a romantic touch to life while maintaining slickness and order.

The combination of wooden handle and ceramic body displays the beauty of nature and craft, which is the conundrum that must be overcome to mass produce this mug. To keep the beautiful Mugr Cloud in your life for as long as possible, please avoid cleaning the wooden handle with alcohol; the mug is not meant for home appliances like oven, dish washer, and microwave.



Dimensions 130*90*99mm
Weight 290g
SGS certified Comply with US FDA and Regulation (EC) standards
Material Ceramic, walnut wood
Note: The wood grains may slightly vary.
Capacity  12fl. oz / 350ml
Country of manufacture China
Instruction Do not microwave. Do not soak. Hand wash only, cold or lukewarm (up to 60ºC). Polish the handle with cooking oil once in a while.





The brand name, HMM, stands for Human - Mechanic - Method. Specializing in high quality and finely crafted coffee ware and office accessories, we care about how the subtlety connects objects with humans. We focus on polishing the details that make these utensils unique and human. With selected materials and skilled craftsmanship, our classic and timeless products are ready to embellish your daily life.