Mouse Pad (vegan leather, Sponge PU)

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Working and creating is an extreme challenge with ever-changing environments and missions. HMM Mouse Pad will accompany you through every uncertainty.

Slightly smaller than an A4 paper, HMM Mouse Pad is lightweight and easy to carry around, adapting to most working environments when you are on the go. With matted black surface, it is subtle and low-key. The base is slip-resistant for a tighter grip. The top layer is made of vegan leather that is similar to authentic leather. Soft on touch, the bottom layer features a slip-resistant one-piece polyurethane foam that can effectively prevent slip and absorb shock on most surfaces; it is also toxin-free and odorless. Thinner than a coin at 1.4mm.

The surface features a vague pattern and is made extra smooth through the SPUMS cutting technology and multiple processing procedures. The pad is waterproof and stain-resistant, and withstands high temperature; it is also washable—just let it dry, and it will be as good as new.



Dimensions 280*220*1.4mm
Weight 35g
Country of manufacture Made in Taiwan
Material Vegan leather, Sponge PU (Polyurethane)




The brand name, HMM, stands for Human - Mechanic - Method. Specializing in high quality and finely crafted coffee ware and office accessories, we care about how the subtlety connects objects with humans. We focus on polishing the details that make these utensils unique and human. With selected materials and skilled craftsmanship, our classic and timeless products are ready to embellish your daily life.