Travel Journal: How to create and write?

Travel Journal: How to create and write?

At a time when everything is digitized, the Travel Journal is at first glance outdated. However, in our opinion it is an object that is in line with the new trends. Indeed, today more and more people are deciding to go on a social network diet and return to simpler things. A minimalist lifestyle, self-sufficiency... We now want more authenticity and touch real things instead of our glass screens.


What’s a Travel Journal? 

A Travel Journal is a notebook, a small book, in which one will tell the story of one's journey, whether it is near or far, whatever its duration and purpose. It's a kind of diary, but in which you don't just write in, but you can also make sketches, drawings, illustrations and collages. The travel diary is made in the sense of the unfolding of the lived experience and tells it, it is a testimony of its present that we can keep in our future. 

Whether it is an initiatory journey, travel notes, learning notes, ideas to dig up, travel notebooks are accessories that follow us like an adventure companion. A true luxury object for certain that we cherish and decorate as we go through our lives.

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Its varied form is often a mixture of personal feelings, practical informations, deep reflections but also successive thoughts mixed with illustrations. Each travel journal is a reflection of the personality of the person who conceived and imagined it.

Why use a Travel Journal?

First of all, because it allows you to organize your memories but also to make a point about yourself. Your feelings during the trip will not be the same with hindsight, or a few years later.  And more than that, it is a book written by yourself that will be an opportunity for you to remember these magical moments for the rest of your life!

1. Stay organized 

Your travel logbook can help you better organize your road trip. If you are planning to discover a country in Asia or Europe, write down all the information you think is useful! Just ask yourself the right questions: "what to do in Japan", "where to taste the best mojitos in Cuba", "what culinary adventure could I live in New Delhi" or "what are the best photo spots in New Zealand".

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Once you're exploring, you'll have all the contact information and ideas at your fingertips! Don't forget to include information about the culture and history of the country. They will help you understand it better. Later on, they will be useful when you want to look back at your travel memories or share them with your family and friends.

2. Keep your precious memories

Write a travel journal to immortalize your memories and to plunge back into them whenever you want. More than just a travel photo album, this true travel journal is a mine of information about your feelings and how you experienced your exploration. And it is also a wonderful book to share or pass on to your loved ones!

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Write down your feelings, your first impression at the sight of a monument or an emotion in front of a beautiful encounter during your travels. It is the moment that is important. It is not only a story, but a summary of the sensations felt during your initiatory trip.

Top 5 of the best Travel Journal Ideas 

There are no rules on how to make a travel journal. But here are 5 ideas that can feed your travel diary.

1. Note what you expect from the trip and your stereotypes about the destination

It's sometimes a lot of fun to compare how you imagined a place to what you actually experienced there.

2. Describe how you feel 

What you experience with the utmost honesty and by trying to mobilize all your senses: what shocks you, frightens you, upsets you, makes you happy? Are there smells that have marked you, unusual sounds?

3. Talk about the people you met 

You can transcribe dialogues, anecdotes that you have been told, write down some information about these people. For example: "This girl/guy I met was so interesting, we could have talked all night long".

4. Illustrate your travel notebook 

A travel notebook is often a diary in which you scribble, draw, stick things... and that's what gives it its special flavor. Stick the business card of the restaurants you go to or people you meet, receipts, bus tickets or tickets for shows... Hang up your tickets for tourist places with paper clips... Insert postcards, draw in your notebook, leave blank pages to stick pictures.

5. Make an assessment of your trip

After your return, this is an opportunity to reconsider the received ideas and expectations you had at the beginning. 

Our Leather Travel Journal: TRAVELER'S notebook

The TRAVELER'S notebook has a leather cover that gets more beautiful with age, it also has a white notebook and an organic cotton pocket. We hope that once your traveler is in hand, it will make you want to travel.

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Why choose this Travel Journal?

At “The Outsiders Journey”, we offer the best products in each category, and that's an understatement because our notebooks are handmade between Japan and Thailand. The choice of Thailand for TRAVELER'S Notebook was obvious so much the reputation of this country in term of leather is not any more to make. As for the paper used in these notebooks, it's "Made in Japan", designed with respect and tradition, by the way don't hesitate to go on Youtube, watch videos on the creation of Japanese paper, it's amazing! Easy to carry in one hand, it is made for the free spirits and adventurers of modern times.

We offer 2 Travel Journal sizes in 4 colors from TRAVELER'S notebook brand, to choose according to your way of writing, your preferences and your bag if you have a small, medium or large bag. Moreover, we fight to share our way of thinking which is to buy quality products that will follow you all your life. This notebook is the very embodiment of our ethics. Because we all have what you need to recharge, repair and decorate your new friend, make it sustainable

Traveler's notebook leather journal from Japan

So don't buy another notebook because the one you have is 1 year older than the new one. An old notebook has character, asperities, stories and a cachet that the new one will never have. Prefer the repair, it will give you to have an extra attachment with your object.

Travel Journal: How to create and write?

Find our repair kits, refills of all types such as white paper, envelopes, brass charms for decoration as well as stickers to personalize your travel companion and finally a style holder, to have the best material with you at all times.

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