TRC BRASS Rollerball pen Solid Brass

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Discover the BRASS Rollerball Pen by THE TRAVELER'S COMPANY

Immerse yourself in refined craftsmanship with the BRASS Rollerball Pen. This pen showcases the finest Japanese artistry, effortlessly combining functionality with a depth of texture that only solid brass can acquire over time. With its high-quality finish and versatile design, this pen is a true testament to the skill and creativity of Japanese craftsmen.

A Perfect Combination of Form and Function

The BRASS Rollerball Pen is designed to be compact and elongated, offering a comfortable writing experience. The solid brass construction provides durability and develops a unique texture as it ages and is used. The skilled Japanese craftsmen have meticulously crafted every detail, ensuring a pen that is functional and a delight to hold and use.

Versatility and Customization at Your Fingertips

Its compatibility with fountain pen cartridges sets the BRASS Rollerball Pen apart. This unique feature allows you to combine the smooth writing experience of a rollerball pen with the distinctive fountain pen ink colors. Imagine the elegance of clear, tasteful lines paired with the rich blue-black hue of fountain pen ink. The pen also features a ring at the top, perfect for attaching hooks, strings, or beads to customize and personalize your pen.

Embrace the Beauty of Aging Brass

As you use the BRASS Rollerball Pen, the surface will naturally oxidize, deepening the color and adding a touch of character to the material. The absence of plating allows you to fully enjoy brass's evolving texture and charm as it ages gracefully. Over time, any slight scratches will blend seamlessly into the overall aesthetic, further enhancing the pen's unique allure.

Product Characteristics:

  • Crafted with Japanese craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Easily converted into a compact carry-around size
  • Elongated design for comfortable writing
  • Develops a depth of texture as the brass oxidizes
  • Compatible with fountain pen cartridges for versatility
  • Features a clip with the distinctive texture of iron
  • Removable ring for customization options
  • Compatible with TRAVELER'S notebook Pen Holder
  • Size: 102mm in length, 11mm in diameter
  • Made in Japan

Experience the artistry and versatility of the BRASS Rollerball Pen by THE TRAVELER'S COMPANY. Immerse yourself in the world of Japanese craftsmanship and enjoy the evolving beauty of this exceptional pen. Elevate your writing experience and let your imagination run free with this remarkable piece of art.

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