The Outsiders Journey: Travelers & Sustainers

If you’re here, it is probably that you want to know what we do, why we do it, or maybe find out who we are, just to make sure you don't get fooled. And you’re right. Let's start by keeping it short.

At Outsiders Journey, we've set ourselves a mission: Give you the access of the best product of the best brand. Concretely, we try to offer watches, knifes, notebooks, pens and more, well-designed, durable and affordable. Why continue to consume to throw away this item after 5 uses?


If instead of having a lot of products who break quickly and who clutters your drawers, you have just one, one but the best. Each product is carefully selected according to criteria of longevity, design but also that it respects nature in its manufacturing process.

Who are "The Outsiders"?

We are a team of curious people, travelers who love to explore the world and everything that can make our lives easier. We want to get closer to the essential things, and support people who work with passion and know-how passed on from generation to generation. This return to basics translates into a desire to highlight small craftsmen, handmade and long-lasting products in general. Like a good friend, our tools and products will follow you forever.

With us, you will find the best in the world in each of the categories we offer. Our products are Japanese, American, Korean, French and are all listed on our website.

usine toyo steel japonais

The Outsiders Journey is an online local store that offers the best of the best. We select each of our partners, suppliers and friends in the same way, discussing and exchanging about our visions of life and what we can offer to everyone.

Why are we doing all this?

No one has any doubt anymore that the clothing, accessory and tool industries has gone into a tailspin over the last few decades. Your products have become disposable, and we buy more and more of them, to put more than half of them in the trash in the first year.

But rather than simply noting that this world is going badly, we prefer to concentrate on what we can do best. And what we can do is start the next revolution with a lot of new brands. That's what we think the new trend should look like.

Good products. That’s it.

japanese handmade knifes

Our goal is to give you access to quality. A true showcase for today's hand-crafted creations, we present unique pieces and limited series of the creators in a clear and refined online space. Quality, originality, singularity: a strong identity affirmed by our partner’s craftsmen selected to exhibit their creations in the boutique.


Who do our products serve?

1. Resourceful People

    Resourcefulness is not a trait of character but a mindset. It is the faculty to achieve difficult goals with a clear idea of where to go to handle it. Thinking out-of-the-box, be able to bring new ideas. Creators, the curious, the adventurous and those who see life from a different perspective.

    hiking in the forest

    If you know or are a person who goes into the forest in a backpack with a knife and string, who is thirsty to discover intriguing things or even a family who goes hiking in the mountains for a weekend. We are made of the same iron!

    2. Glamping Lovers

      Campsites are becoming more and more luxurious and have a wide range of facilities, from wellness centers, aquatic complexes, barbecue tools and hot spring bath. The term "glamping" means "glamorous camping", i.e. camping in a luxury rental where you have all the necessary facilities. Good beds, a private bathroom with separate toilet or a dishwasher and heating system. It's the ideal place to spend a good vacation!


      Glamping also allows novice campers to take the plunge for a camping vacation. The availability of a luxury lodge tent equipped with all the necessary comforts may be less hesitating to those who are used to hotel vacations. Glamping is taking the first step as an adventurer. It's the beginning of your path towards the encounter with true nature.

      3. Cocooning & Relaxation

        This cocooning’s philosophy has generated a lot of interest, especially among the younger generation and designers. Currently, with the ease of access to an internet connection and the success of video-on-demand platforms, nesting is popular. Indeed, nowadays, staying at home and nesting doesn't necessarily mean doing nothing.

        To establish a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your home, rely on the right decorative accessories. We propose dozens of must-haves and good decorating ideas to create a relaxing atmosphere such as candles, incenses

        Japanese incense HIBI

        Thus, the cocooning was able to translate into a very particular contemporary style in interior decoration and household linen. Indeed, the furniture and finishing necessary to create a cozy and warm nest is not extravagant. If you need to inspire yourself, let's take inspiration from the Scandinavian countries that cultivate the art of taking care of oneself, but under another name: Hygge.

        4. Minimalism

          The fundamental basis of minimalism is the reduction of our consumption in all areas of our lives: material possessions, personal relations, activities, leisure, etc. This is simple to say or write but less simple to implement in a world that constantly encourages us to consume more and more. We must be able to resist the sirens of advertising and social pressure. And that's no easy task, right?

          To this end, we strive to always have products that are sufficient for multiple tasks or that last a lifetime. It is a philosophy of life that goes against the current of our consumerist society and the period of hyper-connection we are currently experiencing. Getting lighter allows you to have more time, to be available for the essential things we have distanced ourselves from. Buying does not make us happier; less is more!

          In conclusion, before any purchase, always ask yourself if it will be useful, durable, if you really need it. We have created a blog that aims to give good advice if you want to change your life, towards something more real. And also, excellent advice to acquire the tools of today's and tomorrow's travelers and adventurers.

          carnet minimaliste japonais