Midori Laiton Index Clip

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Add a personal touch to your documents with our brass paper clips. Use the frames for a low profile or the slots for easy access, with the option of using labels for clear identification.

These are clips into which you can insert a piece of paper inscribed with a title or date. These clips can be used as an index to a notebook and as an organizer to sort your documents and business cards. It's worth mentioning that the frame itself functions as a clip, so if you place it on the cover, it also transforms into a label frame...

  • Use paper clips to hold paper
  • Use the frames for a low profile
  • Use the slots for easy access
  • Use them for labeling

Brass is an elegant and intriguing material, which develops a patina over time to become a reflection of your own history. The textures and nuances it evolves over the years lend it a timeless charm. The 12 brass paper clips are practical accessories for your journals or notebooks. Each has a frame to hold a label. You can use these paper clips in two ways: using the frames for a low profile, or using the slots for easy access. The paper clips have a clear coating to prevent stains on your pages.

  • Size: 28*27mm
  • Contains 6 clips