Bundle Kit Estie honeycomb - gold trim fountain pen - Fine

Sale price€179,90

For a brand that’s been around since 1858, many people are still finding out about the joys of fountain pens – are you one of them? If so, our bundle set is the perfect opportunity to delve into the world of writing, setting you up for everything you need to journal, sketch, write, and create every day with your very own Estie essentials.

Inside each kit, we’ve made it easy to begin your writing journey from the moment you receive your package. Included in each kit, along with your Esterbrook Estie of choice, is:

  • A three-pack of journals in a variety of tonal colorways, perfect for jotting down notes or sketching on-the-go
  • 5 ink cartridges to get you started before you graduate up to ink bottles
  • A matching canvas sleeve to protect your pen, wherever the day may take you
    Note: The canvas sleeve shown in the photos is the color you will receive. We cannot make substitutions at this time. Ink cartridges included will be blue.



The Estie Honeycomb is flecked with the colors of rich amber, golden sunsets, and is reminiscent of the rainbow of rustling leaves underfoot. Join us in welcoming the fall with this newest addition to the Estie range.

  • Hand-turned acrylic
  • Cushion cap closure
  • Steel JoWo #6 nib
  • Multiple nib options for any writing style