DRILLOG inkpot material spiral

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Within the confines of the inkpot lies a meticulously crafted concave interior, akin to a mortar, designed with a purpose—to ensure every drop of ink is used without a hint of waste. This intelligent design echoes DRILLOG's commitment to both functionality and elegance.

A user-friendly addition, the screw-on lid boasts an integrated seal, transforming the inkpot into a portable companion. Wherever inspiration strikes, your ink is poised for the journey.

Ease of maintenance remains paramount. Disassembling the components is effortless, streamlining the upkeep process. The DRILLOG ethos of convenience and excellence is upheld, ensuring your ink pot remains as pristine as the day it arrived.

Elevate your ink experience by filling it with your preferred hue. Indulge in the light ink application that only DRILLOG provides—an experience that marries innovation with subtlety.

It's crucial to note, however, that the ink pot is exclusively compatible with DRILLOG pen nibs. We kindly request refraining from using it with glass pens, preserving the optimal performance you expect from DRILLOG.

Welcome to the world of DRILLOG's meticulous craftsmanship—a realm where even the simplest tools are transformed into vessels of precision and ingenuity.



  • Material: Alminiunim, Almighty treatment
  • Dimensions: w-diagonal distance 32.5mm h40mm
  • Weight: 58g



 Nestled within the Daikanyama Tsutaya (Tokyo) is the renowned stationery floor, celebrated not just for its vast collection, but also for its expert concierge adept in the world of writing instruments. This knowledgeable guide assists in the quest to find the perfect writing companion.

Amidst this literary haven stands the signature concierge, Kazuko Sakuma, an embodiment of Tsutaya's ethos. Beyond her advisory role, Ms. Sakuma holds a significant connection to our journey, being the pioneer purchaser of our inaugural brand, NEIGHBOR & CRAFTSMAN. Engaging conversations with her have often sown seeds of inspiration that ripple across our product lines.

It was a casual comment from Mr. Sakuma that catalyzed the birth of DRILLOG's metal dip pen. "Can we make a metal dip pen?" he pondered. With this question, a quest for innovation was ignited.

Spanning three years, the journey from the first prototype to the realization of the DRILLOG pen nib was marked by dedication, exploration, and meticulous research.

While our products have been a cherished secret of Japan until now, this endeavor heralds a new era. Our aspiration is to share our creations, infused with our technology and sentiments, with the world, mirroring the cultural voyage that is the hallmark of Tsutaya's Book.