DRILLOG twins spiral A
DRILLOG twins spiral A
DRILLOG twins spiral A
DRILLOG twins spiral A
DRILLOG twins spiral A
DRILLOG twins spiral A

DRILLOG twins spiral A

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Enter a realm where twinning transcends convention—a series that embraces duality in both form and function. Anchored by a central barrel designed to house twin nibs, and crowned with a cap that effortlessly connects, this collection unfolds as an embodiment of innovation.

Unlock a world of versatility with a simple maneuver—detach the cap from either end and merge it with the opposite cap. Witness the transformation as the pen adjusts to a length conducive to effortless writing. Alternatively, embrace a novel approach by using the pen without the connected cap—grip it close, much like a crayon, and experience the liberation of an alternative writing style.

This series radiates with a unique allure inspired by the interplay of light—a mirage brought to life. The twisted dodecagon form, adorned with gentle vertices atop the classic hexagon, weaves an intricate narrative. Its polyhedron body, a canvas for reflection, captures and refracts light to create a striking, vivid impression. Amidst its edgy contours, an unexpected comfort prevails, inviting a tactile dialogue that defies expectations.

Step into the world of the Twin-Themed Pen Barrel Series, where innovation flourishes in every facet. Let your creativity flow effortlessly as the pen becomes an extension of your thoughts. With each mark on paper, you unite the aesthetics of design with the purpose of expression, honoring the art of writing in all its facets.




  • Material: Aluminum A6061 (orange anodized, black anodized)

  • Dimensions: Φ10.5mm w: 121mm (central axis Φ13.3mm)

  • Weight: 17g


In the event of any dirt or smudges, gently wipe the surface using a soft sponge or cloth. When opting for a cleaning agent, ensure it is a neutral detergent; abstain from using alkaline detergents, as they can compromise the surface integrity. To prevent any potential damage, avoid the use of abrasive sponges or metal scrubbers.



 Nestled within the Daikanyama Tsutaya (Tokyo) is the renowned stationery floor, celebrated not just for its vast collection, but also for its expert concierge adept in the world of writing instruments. This knowledgeable guide assists in the quest to find the perfect writing companion.

Amidst this literary haven stands the signature concierge, Kazuko Sakuma, an embodiment of Tsutaya's ethos. Beyond her advisory role, Ms. Sakuma holds a significant connection to our journey, being the pioneer purchaser of our inaugural brand, NEIGHBOR & CRAFTSMAN. Engaging conversations with her have often sown seeds of inspiration that ripple across our product lines.

It was a casual comment from Mr. Sakuma that catalyzed the birth of DRILLOG's metal dip pen. "Can we make a metal dip pen?" he pondered. With this question, a quest for innovation was ignited.

Spanning three years, the journey from the first prototype to the realization of the DRILLOG pen nib was marked by dedication, exploration, and meticulous research.

While our products have been a cherished secret of Japan until now, this endeavor heralds a new era. Our aspiration is to share our creations, infused with our technology and sentiments, with the world, mirroring the cultural voyage that is the hallmark of Tsutaya's Book.

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