Hasami pen rest Ⅱ - Kindei

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Elevate your workspace with the Hasami Ceramic Pen Rest—a steadfast ally in keeping your precious pens secure and your desk immaculate. Crafted with care, this pen rest is an indispensable partner for both dip pens and glass pens, ensuring they are always at hand while maintaining an organized environment.

Behold the expressive world of Hasami ware, meticulously captured in each pen rest. A symphony of four carefully chosen hues pays homage to the resplendent beauty of Hasami porcelain and its diverse glazes. Inspired by the organic shape of droplets, these pen rests encapsulate the essence of nature's grace.

Each pen rest is a testament to the marriage of artistry and functionality. The gentle contours provide a secure cradle for your pen, a harmonious blend of design and purpose. The offering includes four distinct colors, each meticulously selected from an array of glazes, ensuring a match for every aesthetic inclination.

Available in two sizes, these pen rests cater to various needs—one designed to accommodate a single pen, and the other to gracefully hold two pens. Regardless of size, every piece emanates the essence of Hasami craftsmanship, a celebration of both tradition and innovation.

Welcome to the realm of Hasami Ceramic Pen Rests—a realm where beauty meets utility, and your workspace is adorned with a touch of artistry. Revel in the elegance of design and functionality combined, as your pens find their rightful place amidst the allure of Hasami craftsmanship.



Golden granules mixed into this glaze create an elegant yet striking finish that complements any material and colour.


Hasami pen rest Ⅱ - Kindei

The golden glaze has an unassuming presence when raw. The unique and variable nature of pottery work is evident here with the finished colouring dictated by the position inside the kiln and revealed upon firing.



Product name Hasami pen rest
Dimensions W60 x D26 x H14mm
Weight 24g
Material Porcelain
Design Makoto Koizumi
Manufacturer Koushun-gama
Country of manufacture Japan