JR Pocket Pen - Paradise - Orange Sunset Gold Trim - Custom Scribe Nib

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The Paradise “JR” Collection is the “JR” Pen on the rocks with a salted rim and a twist. Originally offered in three colors , Lemon Twist, Orange Sunset and Blue Breeze, we have expanded the line-up to now include Key Lime and Purple Passion!

We hope when you hold these pens, you'll think of soothing breezes, warm ocean currents, bungalows, painted buoys, panoramic views for miles, mangroves, marinas and lounging for hours with a cocktail in hand and the mellow melodies and vivid lyrics of Jimmy Buffett floating through the air.

It’s our tropical take on the small but mighty, ready for summer, pocket pen.

  • Acrylic body for longterm use and a pleasant writing experience
  • A gold-plated nib for a classic and stylish look
  • Hand-turned acrylic material, making for a unique blend of Lime green and Purple
  • Cartridge/Converter
  • Multiple nib options for any kind of writing style