Model J Blackberry Ebonite with Gold trim - Fine

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Inspired by vintage aesthetics, the Model J embodies timeless design with a sleek silhouette and meticulous detail. This pen honors Esterbrook's heritage while embracing modern functionality, combining vintage charm with contemporary appeal. Crafted from durable ebonite, known for its tactile warmth and smooth writing surface, the Model J offers a comfortable grip and robust construction. Available in vibrant Violet and Blackberry, it adds elegance and modern flair to your writing experience, reflecting Esterbrook's commitment to craftsmanship and quality.



Premium Material: The Esterbrook Model J is crafted from ebonite, providing a warm, tactile feel and exceptional durability for a superior writing experience.

Vibrant Colors: The new colors of the Esterbrook Model J offer a modern twist on a classic design, allowing for personal expression and enhancing the pen's visual appeal.

Customizable Nibs: Interchangeable nibs on the Esterbrook Model J allow for easy customization, enabling users to switch between various writing styles and nib sizes effortlessly.

Enhanced Writing Experience: The combination of ebonite material and versatile nib options ensures a smooth, enjoyable writing experience, catering to both everyday use and special writing projects.

Historical Prestige: Owning an Esterbrook Model J connects you to a legacy brand with a rich history, offering a sense of tradition and prestige with every use.