Stumpy - Hammertone black - Ballpointpen

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A capped ballpoint pen with a threaded end cap for accessing the refill. The end cap has been seamlessly integrated in the pen body with remarkable precision. Tetzbo pens are masterfully crafted by metalsmith Yoshikazu Takai who carries out every step of the production process by hand.



  • Product name S-Tz-HK
  • Material Brass
  • Manufacturer Tetzbo (Yoshikazu Takai)
  • Made in Japan



  • As each item is individually crafted by hand, please expect slight variations in specification or feel.
  • The design is non-retractable and capless. We recommend the complementary Tetzbo pen rest for desktop use.
  • Surface patinas may develop faster in warmer climate regions.



Born in Japan's Hyogo prefecture in 1952, Yoshikazu Takai represents an artistic metamorphosis that spans both fields and generations. Initially gaining fame as a sculptor, he has expanded his influence to other areas of art and design.

Takai burst onto the art scene with a solo show in 1987 at Tokyo's esteemed Akiyama Gallery, signaling the start of an illustrious career. Between 1987 and 1995, his successive exhibitions gained both national and international acclaim. His grand sculptures became landmarks in public places throughout Japan, adding a unique aesthetic flair to parks and famous squares.

Yet, change has been a consistent theme in Takai's artistic endeavors. About ten years ago, he took an unexpected turn by shifting his focus from large-scale sculptures to the nuanced world of stationery. This pivot led to the creation of his stationery brand, "TETZBO." 

By applying his singular artistic perspective, Takai has developed stationery items that not only tell stories but also encourage individual creativity. Each "TETZBO" item carries the imprint of his sculptural background while venturing into new artistic territories. 

In making this courageous shift, Yoshikazu Takai has demonstrated that artistic expression is not confined to a single medium. His transformation from a renowned sculptor to an inventive stationery designer illustrates his capacity for self-reinvention, all while maintaining the emotional depth and complexity that characterize his oeuvre.

Today, he remains an enduring source of inspiration, affirming that a true artist is one who constantly evolves, ceaselessly innovating and captivating.