TRC BRASS Pencil Solid Brass

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Introducing the BRASS Pencil by THE TRAVELER'S COMPANY, a masterpiece crafted in a historic press factory in Tokyo. This exceptional pencil consists of two parts: a brass holder and the actual pencil. With its portable design and exquisite craftsmanship, this pencil is a tool for drawing and a companion for the adventurous traveler.

Unleash Your Creativity Anywhere, Anytime

The BRASS Pencil is designed with portability in mind. The pencil fits seamlessly inside the brass holder, achieving a high level of convenience and making it the perfect companion for those on the go. Whether sketching in a bustling city or capturing the beauty of nature, this pencil ensures that your creative expressions know no bounds. 

Evolving Beauty, Timeless Charm

At first, the brass holder releases a radiant golden color. However, as you use the pencil, the surface oxidizes, deepening the color and adding a profound character to the material. This transformation is a testament to the pencil's journey and the stories it helps you create. The top of the pencil features a ring that allows for customization, enabling you to attach it to strings or hooks, making it function like a key holder clinging to your backpack.

Embrace the Authenticity of Aging

The BRASS Pencil celebrates the natural aging process of brass. Over time, the surface may develop slight scratches and an uneven texture, allowing you to enjoy the unique texture and charm that comes with age. The pencil is complemented by a clip and cap with the distinctive surface of iron, perfectly matching the aged brass color. These subtle imperfections add to the pencil's allure and further, lessen any concerns about wear and tear.

Product Characteristics:

  • Crafted in a historic press factory in Tokyo
  • It consists of a brass holder and a pencil
  • Portable design for creativity on the go
  • Surface oxidizes and deepens in color over time
  • Customizable with a ring for personalization
  • Embraces the natural aging process of brass
  • Pen size: 99mm in length, 11mm in diameter
  • Made in Japan

Experience the joy of drawing with the BRASS Pencil by THE TRAVELER'S COMPANY. Let your creativity flow freely as you embark on new artistic endeavors. Embrace the evolving beauty of this pencil and create lasting memories with every stroke.

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