Toyo Steel

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    Toyo steel Co. Ltd was founded in 1969. Toyo means “East-western”, which highlights the will of the company (located in Osaka, Kansai region, well-known for the quality of their steel for centuries) to create a link between Japan and the Western countries.

    So, is it Japanese or Western?

    The basic idea of these toolboxes is, from a Japanese point of view at least, “Western”: made of metal (high-quality steel) and rectangular. Nevertheless, all the production methods are purely Japanese, and the design of Toyo Steel toolboxes is a perfect example of the unparalleled Japanese ingenuity and sense of optimization.

    Just a few examples: the boxes are rectangular, but the corners and edges are rounded for more safety. The bottom and the lid are made to be stacked without loosing any of the storage. This is a typical Japanese way of designing things to optimize the available space – which is quite scarce in Japanese homes.

    Thanks to its various sizes and designs, the Toyo Steel toolbox can fit anywhere in your house, to store virtually anything: DIY tools, of course, but also cooking tools, toys, or any precious items such as, why not, your brass pens.

    The best quality storage for your precious items

    Toyo Steel uses the best steel to manufacture these boxes with the best techniques, using both traditional knowledges of metallurgy and top-class modern machinery. The boxes are pressed from a single piece of steel, which makes them even tougher. The durability and the ergonomics of these boxes make them your best ally to store even the most delicate treasures of yours.

    Even the handle is thought out to make it easy to stack but also to transport.

    You do not need to choose between handiness and elegance: the Toyo Steel toolboxes will bring you both.