A5 notebook Aseedonclöud 03

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A well-made case bound notebook created with everyday use in mind. Smyth sewn binding ensures each page opens perfectly flat to an A4 spread. The pages feature a hand-drawn, light grey grid that is gentle on the eyes and doesn't stand out when scanned. We created this notebook to be the kind that fits on a bookshelf and becomes part of a treasured collection over time. Limited edition design.

The soft blue-grey print on white OK Fools paper provides a subtle backdrop ensuring your words are front and centre.

The grid will guide you in all tasks from writing to drawing diagrams and tables.



A notebook created in collaboration with Aseedonclöud, a fashion label by designer Kentaro Tamai. The Flower blue print tells the tale of a married couple who lives on an island in the sea. The wife, who works aboard a boat, prints a floral pattern for herself so she can be closer to the earth. Adapted from an earlier design, the evocative print references the historical cyanotype printing process and the way our stories are preserved in history.



Dimensions W152 x D11 x H215mm
Weight 239g
Pages Grid (OK Fools Pure White), 64 sheets/128 pages
Material 90% cotton 10% silk by Aseedonclöud (cover)
Designer Kentaro Tamai
Manufacturer Aseedonclöud (fabric), Furukawa Co. Ltd. (lining), Seibundo Co. Ltd. (printing, binding)
Country of manufacture Japan