Fuji Knife

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'Fuji Knife' is a multipurpose foldable knife, which is both functional and beautiful. 

This pocket knife with a three-layer blade of carbon steel is produced according to the Warikomi method: a red-hot block of iron is split down the middle and the hard carbon steel is inserted before both are forge-welded. The brass handle has a bottle opener at one end. A special highlight: in the closed position the blade turns into Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan. The otherwise black blade is ground to a bright sheen where the back of the blade comes to a peak – reminiscent of the snow-covered mountain top. The coast and pine trees of the Miho peninsular are sketched in outline on the brass handle. The composition with its Mount Fuji tableau reminds one of the breathtaking, fine-weather views of the mountain from the picturesque region of Miho no Matsubara. 

The end of the handle is a bottle opener. The double-edged blade and the brass handle ensure long-time use of the knife.