Glamour Evolve - Ocean Sustainable Rollerball Pen (Sky Blue)

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Amidst the torrent of words, discover your truest self.
When life throws its challenges, let the sea wash them away to start anew.
Amidst emotions adrift, healing comes through the art of writing.
Crafted and nurtured in Taiwan X Environmentally conscious and sustainable materials X A spectrum of soothing hues

The Ocean Sustainable Ballpoint Pen emerges, a creation born from a love for the sea.
Utilizing discarded fishing nets from Taiwan, it breathes life into its form. Themed around the ocean, five colors depict the mesmerizing hues of the sea throughout a day.

YSTUDIO explores the variations of ocean colors and ripples, writing down the passage of time and showcasing the various states of mind in your everyday life.

The Ocean Sustainable Rollerball Pen derives its name from Taiwan, surrounded by the sea on all sides, while also reflecting the source of its material - recycled fishing nets. Like the ebb and flow of the sea, we aspire to inspire people's passion for life through a diverse range of colors.

YSTUDIO is passionate about valuing and preserving objects, aiming to extend their service life to alleviate the burden on our planet.

With a commitment to sustainability, this pen is crafted using:
1. Reclaimed waste fishing nets from Taiwan.
2. Using recycled ocean nylon can reduce carbon emissions by about 83%.
3. Ensures the highest environmental standards, with the raw materials passing EU RoHS, REACH certification, also meeting the GRS global recycling standard.
4. Utilizing low-lead / low-nickel brass components, ensuring the lead content is below 0.01%
5. Outer packaging is made from FSC certified paper, promoting responsible forest management.




  • Material: Recycled fishing net, Brass, Aluminum alloy, FSC certified paper.
  • Product size: 12 x 13.7 x 148 mm
  • Packing size: 185 x 80 x 20 mm
  • Single weight: 23g Gross weight: 60g
  • Refill: Schmidt 888F black x 1pc included.


To ensure the longevity of your pen and maintain its pristine condition, please follow these care instructions:

Sunlight Exposure: To avoid slight yellowing of the plastic components in the pen body, it is advisable to minimize prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Alcohol Exposure: Although alcohol typically does not have adverse effects on the human body when using the pen, it is best to avoid long-term exposure to prevent any potential damage.

Regular Cleaning: For daily maintenance, use a dry cloth to clean and preserve the pen's appearance. In case the pen gets dirty, a simple wipe with a damp cloth should suffice.

The front end of the pen body is made of brass, its color may change over time due to different usage and storage conditions. Please note that any altered color resulting from oxidation is harmless. If you prefer to restore the pen's original appearance, you can use brass oil and a thick paper towel to wipe the surface gently, effectively restoring the natural color of the brass material.