JR Pocket Pen - DiamondCast - Beleza Gold Trim - Custom Needle Point Nib

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With colder days approaching here, we're dreaming of paradise. What better place to set our eyes on than Brazil? With its rich history, its beautiful coastline, and a culture dedicated to living life to the fullest, it's definitely somewhere we've been inspired by lately.

With this in mind, we're thrilled to announce our newest limited time release, the JR Beleza! Meaning "beauty", what better name for this vibrant addition to our JR collection? Made from DiamondCast, this pen has a luxurious sparkle to it that lives up to its name. New attention has been given to the JR line, which is a great pen option for those who are looking for a vintage-inspired, travel-friendly pen that's small but mighty.

-Acrylic body for longterm use and a pleasant writing experience
-A gold-plated nib for a classic and stylish look
-Hand-turned DiamondCast material, making for a unique blend of Greens, Blues and Yellow
-Multiple nib options for any kind of writing style