Everyday Carry: the must-have accessories

Everyday Carry: the must-have accessories

A true traveler will always keep its list of items for everyday carry as long as he steps out of his door. He will always be carrying everything to stay safe, warm, relaxed, close to the time and his travel dreams:  today, we will go through our favorite picks that every traveler needs to have in his pocket or bag, and not to mention that all the featured products here are available on our store. 

A Good Knife, an Opinel Knife

First of all, we will start by the manliest accessory of all time: a sharp, durable and stylish knife. Every man needs its own one on his everyday carry list, since it is always useful to carry for small tasks of the daily routine:

  • Cut off a plastic packaging with no easy opening
  • Doing hand-made crafts on your free time
  • Defend yourself
  • Slice food on the go

We can’t list how useful it is to carry a knife on a daily basis, and for these various tasks, our pick is, and will always be the legendary Opinel Knifes. You probably already know this French made brand, which is one of the most notable among the market; durable, comfortable handle, unbreakable blade.


You can pick between various different handles (wooden, Fibreglass-reinforced polyamide,…) and blade shapes. All made to be multi-purpose as possible, you can cut meat, vegetables, wood or strings without making any efforts.

However, there is an alternative if you already own one in your everyday carry items: you can have a look on Fuji Knife, which is another pocket-knife inspired from the Japanese old blades with on a top of that a bottle opener included at the bottom. If you are looking for specific designer products with more details on the look, it might be what you are looking for.

Japanese craftsman fujiknife by mujun

Leatherman multi-tool for daily issues 

Now that you have a knife for the most important daily tasks, you might need an accessory for tiny details and outcome some more rare situations such as DIY crafts, repairing various items, or fix tiny elements of a car, shelf, table and much more.  For all of this, you will need a multi-tool in your Everyday Carry list, but not any kind of brand: the Leatherman will be the one you must have, the Signal Edition to be more specific. $$

 mutlitools leatherman knife

It comes with everything you can think about for various purposes:

  • pliers to fix DIY items
  • different blades to cut tires or wood following the shape of it
  • a screwdriver to tighten electronics
  • tiny hammer to drive nails on the go
  • a bottle opener to have a sweet beer by the end of the day
  • much more as you can see on the picture down under

Why choosing this brand tho ? Many other ones can serve the same purpose with the same multi-tool accessoriesDurability. Yes, durability is the word, since Leatherman products are well known to be among the highest quality on the market, that you can keep for a lifetime.

On a top of that, it is especially light and fits well to any shape of hand:  easy to carry, easy to use, easy to keep, and that’s what we will always be looking for in an everyday carry list after all.

TRAVELER’S notebook and Accessories 

Let us introduce the TRAVELER’S company: a well-known Japanese brand that provides the most authentic and beautiful products dedicated to travelers with a refillable notebook and various accessories to go with. Man’s best choice here to keep track of the day events and souvenirs while having your best experiences around the world.

TRAVELER’S notebook

For every notebook, we need the base, the origin: a cover. Unless you are already into the designer’s products, most of the notebook you will see on daily basis will be a traditional paper-cardboard-metallic rings, which has a kind of boring look, not durable at all, easy to damage, barely fits your hand.

As an Everyday Carry item, you need a notebook that is easy to carry, able to take notes on the go, a place to keep your business cards and receipts, and carry various items such as letters and post-its. Here, we have a high-quality certified cow leather cover (made in Thailand), about the size of an envelope so it perfectly fits in your hand, followed by a resistant rubber band to attach your refills.

traveler's notebook japanese midori

What makes it unique is first, the incredible look and simplicity: once you have it, it will follow you for at least the next 10 years, so you better have a product that resists through the time with a good look.

Second, you can have a lot of various and useful refills. Yep, as it is not metallic rings along the side to keep your sheets of papers, you can refill as soon as your sheets are full, no need to buy a new whole notebook, and THAT is also what makes the Traveler’s notebook a must have in your everyday carry list.

Oh and last but not least, you can also get a hand on the Passport size journal, which comes with the same accessories and refills: the best solution if you prefer to have a notebook that doesn’t take too much space in your bag !


As we have mentioned before, the wonderful thing about this travel journal, is the numerous accessories around it and especially the refills you can get with it. You will find a lot of possibilities among the different kind of paper, grids, and miscellaneous zipper pockets or card files for your everyday carry documents.

bullet journal traveler's company

At first, you will need what serves the main purpose of a notebook: sheets of paper. Even though you have some very basic ones included with the travel journal, we highly recommend to have a look of the various options, following what you are willing to do with it. If you are more of a drawing guy, the kraft paper will be your new must have for your sketches: you will feel the difference between a classic sheet of paper and some real good quality paper.

But you may be more of a note guy, using it more as a diary or reminder, then, we recommend any of the refills following your needs: you may prefer a grid, lined, or simply blank paper to take your notes. However, some people do prefer to have very lightweight paper to take notes as long as they have a good pen to come with, no worries, we’ve got your back: some lightweight paper refills are also available! 

There’s so many accessories and refills for this travel journal that we can’t list it all, to be honest, but… we can at least simplify it with a quick brief of the most useful ones you definitely need to add to your shopping bag:

  • Pocket stickers refill, to keep few business cards and various tiny documents
  • Card file refill, to always have, give, and receive business cards
  • Zipper refill, to keep the most important documents safe
  • Refill sticky memo pad, always have sticky memos with you and keep track of your journey
  • Rubber band refill, making sure you can repair your Traveler’s notebook if something happens

BRASS Products on the go 

A man will ALWAYS need a good pen with him. Of course, you will need it to take notes, write down some information, but not only that: what if a lovely lady comes to you, and you don’t have a pen to write down her phone number? Using a pen is a stylish and distinctive way to get attention, instead of using your phone, like everybody does.  


For this, you will need a good pen, you know that, and we recommend Brass products to your everyday carry must-have items. Brass is a brand from the TRAVELER’S company to come with (or without) your TRAVELER’S notebook, also including various other accessories than pen.

brass pen made in japan

There are 3 big families of pens: rollerball, fountain pen and the pencils. To make it easy, the classic ones like BIC, the fancy ones like Montblanc and then the pencils you can deal with erasers. Good news, whatever kind of pen you are looking for your everyday carry, BRASS will have it. The question is, which one will you go for ? 

Most of you will opt for the gold color one, which have a luxury and unique look but the green edition is also available for a fancier style. If you get any of these, make sure to have a proper pen clip to attach to your traveler’s notebook, it would be quite unfortunate to lose a that beautiful pen.

BRASS Accessories

Among the Brass products, you will also find a lot of useful items to have on everyday carry that deserve to have a look on. On a top of all the side accessories for your pens such as ink, ballpoint refill, eraser and of course the pen case, you can have a lot more various item:

  • BRASS ruler, with the Japanese obsession for perfect accuracy
  • Bookmark template for the whole alphabet, numbers and even some icons
  • Clips with or without numbers to always keep your files organized
  • And way more to discover and add to your everyday carry list !

BRASS products made in japan

Your Beverage on the go Stanley Bottle

You are a busy man, you will definitely need a hot beverage to keep you awaken all the day long, and that’s where the thermos will come to your must-have items in your everyday list. Especially if you are a traveler, you won’t have time to stop in the middle of a trek or hiking session to make a fireplace only to get some coffee: you NEED your hot drinks ready straight from the morning, to be drank all day long.

Our pick is the Stanley Bottle, the only thermos bottle that comes with everything you need, at an affordable price, that will last you a lifetime. If we deconstruct a bit this bottle that looks very classic at first, we will find a lot of advantages and features that you won’t find anywhere else on a bottle for your everyday carry items.

every day carry mug stanley made in the us

First, the main features we are looking for in this kind of products: the liquid-related characteristics. A 470ml container, way enough to keep 3-4 cups of coffee warm all day long, or even cold !

In fact, both hot and cold beverages will be staying at the same temperature for approximately 7 hours, then it will slowly reach the ambient temperature… but it will take more than a day for it, you won’t have to worry about having a too cold or too hot drink after these 7 hours passed. The iced drinks will be lasting 30 hours before being reduced to a complete liquid. 


Stanley mug made in us

And then, all the features related to its durability and resistance of this Stanley Bottle will leave you speechless: how can you get such a design, performance, without making a compromise somewhere else ? 

The trap is, there’s no trap. We told you already, these are meant to be resisting decades, thanks to the leakproof and packable technologies, made of stainless steel. All of that only with a trigger action to open, fill, clean and drink, what a dream bottle. 

Be on Time with a Timex Watch 

Let’s end up this everyday carry list with the Timex Watch: being on time and punctual is probably the most appreciated quality about someone. It is most of the time a professional behaviour  but even through family, friends, and any relations you can have, being on time will show how much you care about the people around you, and that’s why you must have a good watch.

Unless you are looking for fancy watches that costs years of savings only to have a small detail that only experts will see, you should definitely opt for a beautiful watch, ready to endure elements and scratches, with a manly look and all the basic functions: timer, clock, water-resistant.

Complete your Everyday Carry items by yourself

We cannot provide a full everyday carry list unless we know specifically your needs on daily basis following your hobbies or work. Of course, a photographer will definitely carry some extra lenses in a specific bag, while an engineer will always have extra battery for a laptop.

You, you might want to have some very specific needs on your day-to-day items, but you certainly don’t want to miss the ones we have listed, than you can actually all shop right away !

We may miss something here, but it is our must-have on daily routine. Now, what’s yours ? Tell us down below in the comments section !

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