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This incense holder, meticulously crafted from brass, has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate stick-type incense, which can be securely placed in the central hole. A unique feature of this holder is its screw-type adjuster located in the center, which allows for two levels of adjustment. This is achieved by simply attaching or detaching the adjustable parts to suit your needs. The larger hole can comfortably fit incense sticks with a diameter of approximately 2.6mm, while the smaller hole is suitable for incense sticks with a diameter of approximately 1.5mm. The diameter of the smaller hole itself is about 1.6mm, ensuring that thin-based incense sticks can be held at an almost vertical angle, allowing for an optimal burning experience.


  • Size : ø99xH14mm
  • Packaging Size: 108x108x24mm  
  • Material : Brass
  • Crafted in Japan 



Brass and copper will naturally patina over time. Oil and air will naturally darken this piece and make it shinier. This is part of its natural beauty. Do not use chemicals to clean. If exposed to water or moisture for long periods of time, it may cause the metal to change color quicker or spot.