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    The “Brass” collection is made in Japan, where the incomparable talent of craftsmen is now well-known all around the world. And the combination with the huge potential of brass makes our collection unparalleled.

    What makes brass such an exceptional material?

    Known for centuries (its production was already mastered before Antiquity), brass started to be vastly used in daily design during the Arts & Crafts movement in Britain and then in the rest of Europe in the 19th century.

    Brass is a nonferrous alloy, meaning it does not include iron. It is essentially made of copper and zinc in variable proportions. And thanks to this, it simply does not rust. Even better: the more you use it, the more its colors and textures will evolve and, let us be honest, improve through time. The colors get deeper, the touch gets softer.

    Isn’t brass used in jewelry too?

    It is! Two of the latest trends in jewelry are titanium and brass. Titanium is known for being one of the hardest metals but comes with quite a narrow range of tones and designing possibilities. The brass, on the other hand, offers a whole panel of warmth in its colors, due to the copper it contains. And the presence of zinc in the alloy makes it tough, with an excellent weight/hardness ratio.

    Have you ever thought about why gold is considered as such a precious metal? Of course, one of the reasons is its scarceness… But the main reason, initially, is its chemical properties: for instance, it does not rust, which makes it very stable through time. Well, it is also the case of brass, with two additional perks: it comes with a large variety of subtle shades and it is more affordable.

    Why Japan?

    We believe that great products come with a price. The right price. Which is why we chose made in Japan products: the culture of excellence makes the Japanese craftsmen nothing but the best in the world. From the steel of their legendary swords to the brass of pens and jewelry, they have mastered numerous skills to work the materials and concentrate on the tiniest details to make the difference.

    They use some of the same ancient tools as their ancestors, passed through generations, but also the newest machinery to always improve the quality of their work. The only thing that even the best craftsman in the world could never do, is to skip time. Time usually degrades things. But brass gives this high standard craft a whole new dimension: not only time does not degrade it, but it makes it even more beautiful.