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    Have you noticed how much better and satisfying it feels, when you write down some ideas or thoughts, to do it on paper? We may live in an era of speed and rush, where everything is and must be faster and faster everyday… But some things do not change. And one of these things is the pleasure to hold a beautiful notebook and to write down anything that crosses your mind.

    Why this name: “Traveler’s notebook”?

    The more the whole world is speeding up, the more some people feel the need to slow things down, to give some things more importance, more weight. One of the big changes in this domain is the so-called “slow travel”: instead of hustling through as many touristic spots as one can, the idea is to feel the air and keep real memories of great, deep experiences.

    The Traveler’s notebook is thought out to be both your best friend and your best assistant during your travels. In a nutshell: your best travel buddy. The kind that you want to share your feelings with. The kind that you can rely on, and makes you want to travel and live new experiences, make new memories. And last but not least: the kind of buddy that remembers every single moment you would like to last forever and reminds you of them.

    It will follow you through all your journeys by all means: the design of the notebook makes it fit in any kind of luggage or even your pockets. And the more you use it, the more the color of the high-quality leather cover will change, to follow your own evolution. Each time you will hold it, it will bring back some memories of your travels, and make you want to travel more. It feels almost alive, and it will feel even more like it each time you will use it.

    Why should I buy this one, and not a basic notepad?

    Well, if you need a pad to write down a grocery list, why not. But some thoughts, memories, ideas, or feelings are worth a little more respect and attention, don’t you think? The Traveler’s notebook has a leather cover which is handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The quality of the cover makes it durable and worth “aging”.

    The paper used for the notebook itself is made in Japan, famous for making probably the best paper in the world. By modernizing the centuries-old traditional paper called “washi”, Japan has mastered the way of manufacturing many different types of paper for each use, from origami to writing, from packaging to interior designs. In this case, the paper is designed to provide the best comfort for writing. Using this kind of top-class paper will change your conception of writing.

    Furthermore, the notebook comes with a large variety of personalization: grids, lines, full white pages… But also, stickers, business cards, diaries. Even the cover has some features that you can customize: for instance the penholder or the rubber band. We know, that once you will start to use it, you will not let it go.

    But if you use it a lot, even the best quality stuff can be damaged sometimes. So, to add even more possibilities, and to make it even more durable, you can also get a repair kit, that comes in eight different colors; so that your new best friend never stops evolving and that you never have to stop enjoying your travels.